she feels attraction but chooses someone else

oki im in the game now for a decent amount of years. I love it but I also hate the guts out of it. I do a very decent job on pulling and sleeping with very attractive girls. But when I convey that im in it for more then just a 1 night stand, some shit always happens, usually another guy that pulls her away that will keep me standing on the side.

at the moment this happend yesterday:
i started noticing a good friend of 1 of my older friend with benefits is very attractive. last week we finaly hooked up and we had amazing sex. she told me that she never saw it comming and she showed some strong signs that she was interested in dating. 2 days later i get the following text. (translated)

"hey hun, sorry i didnt reply this weekend, to be fair iv had a date last friday and it really clickt. so i decided to go for that guy"

ME: auch
ME: damn i hope i still have the reciept for the rings then

she: haha you silly

ME: but to bad, i was actually curious towards you. but we will never find out then haha

SHE: im also curious towards you, but i dont think its okay to date 2 people at the same time so i forced myself to make a discision

ME: agh good we didnt date yet,
ME: but you are making the wrong discision right now btw

SHE: proberly

ME: turn it back around someday

now i know i proberly need to start seeing other girls. and that will happen. but im just very fed up with being a fucking playdoll all the time. i will not chase her cause i dont want to be 2nd best. but if done this before many times making me a huge player what kind of backfires i guess. girls think that im not serieus. so i dont want to let this one escape from me as i had my eyes on her for a while.

i work in a bar where she often times comes. a few things i can do is:
1. making sure she sees me having fun with other atttractive girls and hoping it just wont work out between her and that other guy

2. as she told me there is attraction towards me, on a fun way, keep on flirting like i dont care that she wanted to choose for someone else

what to do here? kinda helpless on this one

greetings Patrick