I just hired a Virtual Dating Assistant… Read my story here!

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  1. I just hired a Virtual Dating Assistant… Read my story here!


    I’m Toby.
    I’m an entrepreneur, world traveler, and all-around cool dude.

    If you’re reading this you and I probably also have something in common…

    We’re both into pickup.

    Or at the very least, you like the idea of pickup.

    Being able to meet and date as many girls as you want.
    That had been my dream for a long time. And fortunately, that dream is now a reality.

    I’m sure you want to know how I got to this point, so let’s take a step back to where this all began…

    In 2008 I was alone, frustrated and worried.
    I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was starting to wonder if I’d ever meet another girl again.
    That’s when I discovered the pickup community.

    All the stories I had heard and the idea of pickup excited me beyond belief.
    It was then, 10 years ago, that it became my goal to be able to meet and sleep with a new girl every day, or whenever I wanted, without any hassle.
    I was tired of being lonely, and welcomed the opportunity that the pickup community brought to me.

    So my journey began.

    Shy little Toby was running around the bars, trying to pick up girls and get as many numbers as he could.
    I still remember how excited I was when I got my first few numbers.

    In a short amount of time, I was fairly consistent in being able to get a girls number at the bar.

    But that’s all I got.

    I was frustrated because despite getting the number, all I got were flakes and no shows.
    After about 3 months of this grind, and with some free coaching, I still wasn’t seeing any results.

    I still couldn’t get laid.

    It was at this point that a massive shift happened.

    I was moving from Denmark to Australia and began doing daygame instead of hitting the clubs and bars.
    I started to really enjoy doing daygame and quickly became very good at it.
    Most of my approaches resulted in numbers, and even some instant dates!
    I finally felt like this is how it should be - that I had actually gotten close to achieving my goal.

    Fast forward to 2018.

    My friend lives in the Philippines part of the year and was telling me about how awesome life is there.

    The lifestyle, and weather… the girls!

    Here’s something you didn’t know about me: I kinda have a thing for Asians.
    When he mentioned that I gave it some thought and decided to hop on a flight in January of 2019 and head to the Philippines.

    Except for this time I wanted to do things differently.

    I had heard about Tim Ferris hiring a Virtual Dating Assistant (VDA) in order to set up dates for him, and wanted to give it a try myself.
    I wanted to see if it really was possible.

    To meet a new girl every day, but without the loud music, the clubs, the approaches, the flakes, the back and forth chat and the scheduling.

    I wanted to see if my goal of being able to meet and date as many girls as I wanted without the hassle and struggle that normally comes with it really is achievable.
    Maybe with a VDA it is...

    I guess you’re going to find out.

  2. Hey there,

    Toby here.

    Today I’ve finally hired a VDA!

    I arrived in Cebu City (Top 5 City of the Philippines) in the beginning of 2019, and had to spend about a week trying to find a place to stay before I could start looking for a VDA.

    And, once I was settled in, I copied the ideas I learned from Tim Ferris about how to find a VDA.
    I rushed to upwork, freelancer.com , guru.com and just about any other freelance website you could think of.

    My proposal was simple: I needed someone who could match with and message girls on dating sites, and then schedule the dates for me.
    All I had to do was pay them and then show up to the date!
    I figured it’d be simple and in no time my VDA and I would be on our way.

    But boy was I wrong.

    Within a few hours, all my proposals were taken down.
    I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m guessing they didn’t want that type of work on their sites.

    Oh well, on to plan B.
    I decided to try out some local HR sites and make some posts in Facebook groups.

    And once again, this was a disaster.

    All the HR sites requested hundreds of dollars just to show my proposal.
    My Facebook posts weren’t getting much action either.


    Just when I thought that’s about as bad as it could get, I met a guy who said he could help me out.
    He knew how to do HR in the Phillipines.
    He asked me to let him do it. He’d find me people and I’d pay him.

    Guess what?

    Yup. He failed too.

    Time was going by and I was right where I started.
    None of my ideas were working.

    After my many failures, I found the winning strategy.
    Fortunately, now I was able to get around 120 applications.
    Finally, I had some good news.

    I went through all the applications and set up Skype calls with the most qualified candidates.
    Which ended up being about 20 people (15 of which showed up) as the rest had no online dating experience at all!

    I gave everyone a dating account and gave them a challenge: whoever could set up the most dates would get the job.

    (Side note: I expected the guys to outperform the girls on this because they would be used to messaging girls on dating sites… but once again, Toby was wrong.)

    Of these 15, most were remote workers that put next to no effort in and produced 0 results.
    But, 3 of the Cebu locals put in solid work and did decently.

    But there was one standout…

    Of the 120 applications, this one girl stood out amongst the rest.

    Joana, one of the Cebu locals, had a tremendous work ethic.

    Despite her dating account being a less popular one (Coffee and Bagel) she put in a ton of effort and managed to set up a date!
    She then asked to use a couple of Phillipino specific dating sites I had never even heard of, and managed to get me another date!

    After seeing this it was clear…

    Joana was the only choice.

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