Why is she into him

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    Why is she into him

    she's 36, 5'9", 155 lbs 36A, size 10, size M panties. Short chin length dark brown hair with red highlights and big brown eyes. She's got a masters degree and is a "high powered executive" in the corporate world.

    he's 19, 6'3" 155 lbs (yes the same weight as her) Size M shirt, size S briefs. he's got light brown hair and is a college student.

    She is dedicated to him sexually- 3-4 x a week

    He has 3 or 4 women- his age and older and basically get's laid every night sometimes with more than one woman and somtimes even threesomes.

    What could she possibly find attractive in him ?
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    He isn't needy

    He turns her on sexually

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    Not sure why he turns her on? She's bigger than he is. I've even mentioned that to her and she doesn't get it. All she says is he's taller than her and stronger than her so how is she bigger than him?

  4. I think that half of the world's male population ( so do I ) has the same question. What she finds attractive to him?


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