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  1. Lines/dialog for taking her home

    There are enough resources on pick up/approach lines, which generally I am not a fan of. But there is very little content on the actual proposal to take the girl home, after everything goes well.

    This has been my sticking point. I'm pretty comfortable with every other stage, but I get really anxious and self-conscious about the point when I want to make my move and ask the girl home. I just feel weird about directly proposing to come home, obviously for sex. Maybe they know it, I know it, so it's falsely shrouded in mystic in my mind, but I could use some structure in case I freeze.

    Are there any resources for ideas on a few lines/dialog for closing the deal, so I can have some "dialog" to fall back on when I get nervous and my mind freezes?

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    Women are not stupid, the know that when you invite them to your home you have sex in mind.

    But women also love & often need ambiguity, i.e., the freedom to say "no" if they get to your place and decide they're not interested in sex for whatever reason.

    So you should have a reason, or maybe a few reasons, why you would invite women over for a non-sexual reason.

    - good music
    - nice view
    - interesting art
    - cute pet

    so whatever the tone of the conversation you simply say "hey do you want to come over so you can see <insert whatever here>?"

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    When you say there is very little content about how to take a girl home, then I don't think you're looking closely enough. There's ton of material on that, it's a very common sticking point.

    But the practical aspects aside, this is more of an inner game issue. You seem to think there's somehow something wrong with wanting to take a girl home and have sex with her.

    Go ahead and listen to the IVS about Intent, the one with Gil Rio and Darwin. I think it will do you good.

    When you've let that interview sink in, and you no longer think of sex as being wrong, your mind won't freeze, and then you can start working on what actually to do in the situation. Because that's pretty simple. I won't really spend too much time writing about it, since it will be a waste of time as long as you have this barrier about doing it in the first place.

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