Interaction with a SHEMALE

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    Interaction with a SHEMALE

    I found a friend on a chat, and had a chance to meet her. I got to know that she is a shemale, a very beautiful one. It was hard to believe but yes, it's true.

    Now, she wants to have a relationship with me. She's very nice, but I am straight and have never thought of how I'd make love with someone who has quite a big tool. Oral and Anal, don't know how safe these exercises would be with her. She was demanding to be a dominant TOP, which would be a very new experience to me.

    I'd appreciate if anyone of you who've had any experience with a shemale could guide me how to have safe sex with her?

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    Don't have unprotected sex with her until you're in a committed relationship and you both have been tested. Same as with any other relationship really, but extra important if she has had anal sex with men.

    Do not have anal sex without using a condom until you really trust each other and are positive that you're exclusive. Especially as bottom. ESPECIALLY bareback. Just. Don't! It's the most risky type of unsafe sex you can have.

    With condom, you should be fine, with all the usual caveats. There is no such thing as 100% protection, except not having sex at all. Condoms are pretty close though.

    If you're worried about her size, well, question of practice and lube you know. If you're gonna date shemales as bottom, you might as well get used to it. Tell her to be patient and gentle I guess.

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