My Situation..

I started seeing a girl about 8 months ago. We met online and we hit it off big time starting with the first date where we kissed. Then amazing sex on the second date. Since the start of the relationship we have been inseparable.

When we met she was living in a really bad apartment complex. It was dangerous. People were being shot and I couldn't stand the thought of something happening to her. About 4 months in I asked her to move in. I wanted her safe and she was at my place all the time anyway, so it made sense.

For 6 months we shared so many experiences. Good experiences. We fell in love. However, over the last 2 months the attraction that she had for me faded. She felt crowded. I became insecure and clingy. I know all this now after listening to Dan Bacon. I caught her cheating on me. We fought and decided collectively that moving in so soon was a mistake and now whats best for the relationship is giving each other space.

I believe that normally when people separate they spend time apart and it can sometime be good for the relationship. Only problem is she has no place to go. My initial reaction was to pack up her shit and tell her to come get it. However, I was very much a part of her decision to move in and give up her apartment and now she has no place to go. I still love her very much and would do anything to keep her. I forgive her for cheating on me, because I get it. We don't fight or have a toxic relationship or anything like that. Last night we smoked and watched a movie and it was very reminiscent of the time we spent before. I believe we just moved in too quick and there are things I need to improve to be a better man.

There is SO much that I am learning from Dan Bacon about being the man, being an emotional rock, not being insecure and being the attractive man that she first fell in love with. But the attraction is still not there between us. I am helping her to find a place to live and in the mean-time trying to improve myself to help regain that attraction. I actually feel like its working. I want to keep her. But its obvious she moved in too quick and now she needs space. Any advice would be appreciated. I am doing whatever I can to keep this women that I love.

Also, in trying to rekindle the attraction, I kissed her the other night. She was kissing me back, but then she stopped me. The next morning she had a melt down. Thats when I realized we are in a complicated situation and if there's going to be any advances in attraction, I need to develop it, but she needs to be the one that comes to me and acts on it. My goal is to build it up following Dan Bacons techniques until she attacks me for it. We've been sleeping in separate beds and she keeps hinting that she wants me to sleep in the bed with her, but I've been giving her the space that we agreed on. Following Dan Bacon's techniques I believe the attraction is building more and more every day, however every day we get closer her to moving out.

Any insights into my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob