Mastering the Art & your Style

A man should make it his business to gather new ideas from women other than the environment in which he daily lives and works.

A MAN should go to the city “quite often”, and walk among the many faces of women and their physique. He will go back to his place of abode, with his mind refreshed, with more “courage and greater enthusiasm.”

A man should take a trip out of his country/or City, every so often and freshen his mind with new sights, different women from different associations.

A MAN needs a change of mental environment at regular periods; the same as a man who needs a change in conversation with a variety women. The mind becomes more alert, more elastic and more ready to work with speed and accuracy after it has been bathed in new conversations and ideas, with an assortment of women who are outside of his comfort zone.

You will come out; at the other end of this reading, with a new stock of ideas which will make you more enthusiastic and more courageous, to approach women no matter if you ‘think’ they will reject you.

Do not be afraid of rejection! It may be the difference between success and failure.

Through Verbal Mastery and application you can attract women, however, but with two qualifying words – “within reason.” That means to take into consideration your confidence, your communication skills or your lack of it, your physical appearance, your temperament, and all of the other qualities which are essential in attracting women toward your success.

Without a doubt, those who have attained unusual success with women have done so, either consciously or unconsciously, through the aid of all or a portion of these qualities. If you doubt this statement, then master the art (or attain) these qualities, practice the art on different women, and if you fail with women, go about life with reasonable accuracy to dispute the evidence.

What does “Success” with women look like to you?

A man should understand that no two women think exactly alike, but each woman does like what she likes, and if she knows what she wants or is looking for in a man, she is going to get what she wants if she sees it in you.