Wingman WingBarMan

Hey guys.
Looking for a wingman to hit up Soho bars. Maybe LKF.
Looking to meet more peeps and chicks of course. But going out alone is a drag.
I live in Soho on Graham so walk out and am at any bar in under 60 seconds. Few min walk to LKF.
Im 40 and have been into game content for 10 years.
These days I been more work focused and not so social. Moved back to HK last year and most of the people i knew here from 2012 are off on other tangents so need to meet new fun people.
Id like meet some cool guys to hit the bars with, assist in strategy, talk strategy, test ideas, feedback, and get the ball going. I cant do that alone its to tough.
If you know some other PUAs and you guys want to keep me in the loop of good events, bars or other activity which are good for game then great. Likewise Ill chime in as well.

Im from L.A. and have been living in Japan, Bangkok and sometimes here in HK. Because Thailand is passive and easy with chicks, coming back to HK makes me realize I need amp my game strategy up... getting rusted from that Bangkok humidity.