TheProbationer - My Daygame adventures

I am lad in mid twenties and been daygaming for a total of 6 months distributed in Sydney, London and currently in Copenhagen.
3 DG lays, about +450 DG approaches,

Currently I am not having that much trouble of landing dates, both Idates (Id's) and normal dates, as I am getting dates every week. My sticking points for now is to improve the date themselves.
What do I mean by this? Frankly, have I need to have a plan! Roughly it will be something along the lines as:
Sort out logistics reg. placing the dates, build report for 30-40m minutes with light kino, show intent by start escalation games, bounce to V2 if necessary, increase escalation, bounce home
Currently I am getting back to do more DG, as recently I have had other priorities to taken care of. I have spend a bit more time on these in order to have more time to this amazing hobby and privilege of doing DG.
At the moment, I am also back home in my birth city to visit family, although I will still try to manage do sets here.

Anyhow let's us start with an interesting FR and Datereport, I have had recently in Copenhagen.

DTF - SEA expact - Be aware of signals

The approach

This approach takes place in the Main Street also called “Strøget”, I was walking doing my sets, and I see this lady with a black parka jacket. I decide to walk up to her side and approach her.

She startles for a bit and is a bit surprised, I then convey personality for a short time and she is hooked, as she starts telling me about herself, and I could see, that she is comfortable doing so.

After hook

We then start to walk, and she still talks. As we walk and I build up report, we go into a clothing store, where she tries out a top. When she comes out, I realise, that she barely has anything underneath that big parka jacket, only a tiny tiny top and probably a bra. She doesn’t bother to zip her jacket up, even when we had to leave the store. Later I figures out why.
After a while, she tries to get a discount on the top she just tried out, due to there was a tiny scratch on it. At the cashier, she gets the discount request declined, while I just stand next to her without saying anything. This I would later change, as I know, that I could’ve said something. Also it shows, that you have the balls to stand up for other people and not just yourself.
She then tells me, that she might have to leave to home, in about 20 minutes, which is a city more than 1 hours away from Copenhagen. Then she says, that it is also her last time here in Copenhagen, before that she has to go to her home country outside of Denmark. I then say, that I have a charger, and that we can go and charge it somewhere.
She then suggests a place, we go to the venue, an Irish Pub, and Liverpool and Man U are playing, great haha.
A lot of people there, she then again tells me, that she has to go, I then take the LEAD this time and tell her, that we should go to the studentbar, as they probably will have a charging cable.


We then enter the bar and they decline us to lend their cable chargers, and this time I step up and tell them to give it anyway, as this was an emergency, as she needs it, other ways she can’t get home.
After a bit, they comply to lend her the cables. It is a bonus, as she was happy for it.
We then go to the end of the bar, where the lights are dimmed, and sits on 2 chairs at a table, as they were the only ones left.
We then sit and talk. After more report, the convo gets more sexual, and she is very on. She shares sex stories and is also very interested in hearing mines as well.
I then tease her of being bad, she laughs and rejects. I then change my tonality of my voice and tell her, that she might be one of those bad girls, and then she qualifies herself to being one with more stories.
At a point I realise, that her initially closed and turned away legs are now wide open towards me. Which is glowing green light by itself, she is very interested and most likely horny.
At this time, I am still fighting with myself, for what I should do, as I still have mixed feelings if, I am into her or not. And I also need to call a friend of mine in the middle of the Idate, to get my shit together about this girl.
I decide to go for it without being 100%.
Anyways, the date is about to finish, and hence I am not 100%, I half-heartedly propose her to get a bite to eat, she easily rejects. At this point she’s still sexually aroused / turned on from the date. We proceed to leave out chairs, and she asks me where the toilets are.

I not a bit, as the toilets are quite visible, as they are just near the bar area, we passed. Anyways I direct her to the toilets, she goes towards the entrance of the toilets, turns around, looks at me with kinda like bambi eyes, and asks me, if I am not going to the toilets as well.At this time I am unaware, why she asks, I faulty think, that she genuinely asks, if I had to go to the toilet. I then, as you guess, say no, and let her go. We head out, say good bye, and probably not going to see each other.


Obviously, she was on and DTF, I was just seeing through all the green lights and therefore not able to take my shots.

Obvious green lights

Acceptance of sexual tease & sexual qualification

She likes when teased with being a “bad girl” and also starts to qualify herself of being one, when I change my tease towards her not being one.

Verbal sexual escalation

Starts to talk about sex herself and enjoys the convo.

Sexual cloth

I see this as a green light too, as she just not zips up her jacket for such a long time. And with the hindsight of how lightly she’s dressed, it must be green light she must have thrown at me, for me to figure out, that she was down.

Very open DTF body language

Unfold legs, turning legs towards me, wide openings the legs towards me, as they can’t even be more wide. Otherwise, she has to take her jeans off.

Indirect sex request

Going towards the entrance of the toilet, turns around, asks me, if I had to to the toilet as well with bambi eyes.
This set, could have been lay, but instead it turned out to be a vital learning lesson for future sets.


I need to first of all be better at deciding whether to go full on or not. Otherwise I am just going to waste my time and thereby also possible good sets.

100 % or nothing

When I am full on, I will also have more freed up capacity to act in order to get a fun time and thereby enjoy the whole time with the set. The chances for getting the lay will also be sky rocketing.

Aware of signals:

Be more aware of the green lights like the ones described above.


Have place to bounce before the F-location if a bounce to the F-location seem to be far off.

- Although I was happy, that I manage to stop a girl in the street, get her to hook, take the lead after letting her lead, pulled her into a bar and got her turned on. Finally learning a crucial learning point, that I will take advantage of next time, I get a girl like this on a date.
Be aware guys, the chances are there, she is just being subtle and craving for you to read her signals.