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    Planned my day around joining a Project Rockstar livevideo. Of which half basically was cancelled, so thanks for wasting my time. Just like lovesystems did when they cancelled an entire conference without any information.

    So, what happened during the 30 minutes. Did we get value? Well, Andrew spent 15 minutes rambling. And then he spent 15 minutes rambling some more, although now at least with a few drops of coherence. But the information could basically be cooked down to "Just have fun like everyone else and just talk to the girls man to woman, everyone is out to have fun, dance, drink and meet people of the opposite sex"

    Yeah well, the reason people seek out a company like LS is that they have difficulties naturally doing just that, so the entire video felt like a joke really.

    Listen, I am not saying that the old pickup stuff was perfect. Actually , a lot of it was pretty damn awful. But at least it was something.

    After I've been dabbling for about two years, I was 100% set on taking a 3 day bootcamp, or preferably the 10 day, if I felt it would be worth the money. But after this demonstration? Not in a lifetime. Just like the newsletter are the same kind of idle, easy to see through marketing, so was this live call.

    LS really has declined. Why did you let yourself go? Savoy hands over the company, and everything is reduced to pretty much a joke? Seriously, wth happened. You didn't reinvent yourself, and that's a damn shame.

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    Hey there,

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Send me an email referencing this and I would love to do a private call with you - I'll make sure it's insightful and worth your while (won't be a sales call, promise!).

    It's unfortunate you've been dabbling in this for a while and haven't gotten where you want to be.

    Anyway, if you're open to it I know I can help.

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