ADVISE - Should I acnowledge a bad 1st time drunk performance???

So went on a date with a chick from tinder, my game was pretty tight and after a couple hours of talking at the bar, I went home with her and fucked her. Thing is I was pretty drunk and lost my hard on the first time and came pretty quick the second time......dissapointing i know...anyways after that I just passed out and slept til the morning. I texted her a couple days later but felt like the replies were short, not as invested as before i fucked her. Anyways thats the last time i talked to her, its been less than a week since i banged her, I want to express that I recognize my performance wasnt good and that shes hasnt experienced the full monty but I also know I shouldnt apologize, so what to do?

You guys think I should just continue on like nothing happened or acknowledge the shitty sex and if so how??