It seems like it's to late for me to ever find love or happiness

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    It seems like it's to late for me to ever find love or happiness

    It's been a long time since I've been on here. I think the last time I was here was back in 2016. Then some moderator bans me for like a month because I talked about the importance of looks... So I just felt like coming on here and telling those who remember me what has been going on for the last two years or more.

    As always nothing has changed. For those who don't know, I'm now 46 years old and still truck driving. Last year I bought a brand new C7 Chevy Corvette. As far as dating or women go, it's literally at a compleat hault.
    What I'm finding when I come home off of a trip, and even when I'm on the road, pretty much nine in a half times out of ten I see young couples almost every where I go.

    There's literally no attractive single women. The city I live in there seems to be 90% couples but it's not just the city I'm in. It's pretty much every where.
    I'm really noticing that it really seems your age, social group your in and yes your looks! Play such a large factor in the dating pool.

    As far as online dating. It's pretty much the same. I've always had zero luck with online dating. I find with certain sites like they want you to enter your birth date. Month, year, day you were born. If you put in your honest DOB, the dating site sends you profiles of women, ptetty much VERY average to very below average looking women in there mid to late 40's, A lot of aboriginals ext that I definitely would not be interested in dating.

    I want to date women who are in there 20's and early 30's. It seems in this life that can never happen. Back when I was in my 20's and 30's I couldn't ever date these women. I have only one close friend who I only see once or twice a year. We live far apart. Most of the friends I have always had where these insecure nice guys who would never approach women so I ditched them.

    For some reason I never met any dudes who were aggressive who wanted to meet women other then those guys I met off of here back in 2010. That didn't last very long. Even back then with the age difference, that and I've never ever been comfortable in loud night clubs, most of the shallow 9's and 10's walking around blowing off most of the guys, I just didn't like that environment. To this very day I still hate this type of environment.

    For me it makes me feel a lot worse about my self because what I'm seeing before my eyes is always the same. Young good looking dudes with there pretty young girlfriends, literally every single women in that place won't even make eye contact with me, this overwhelming and absolutely helpless feeling I'm not even close to being good looking enough and even if I dare going over there I'm just going to get shot down instantly.

    So why do I fell this way? Why have I always felt this way my whole life? Basically, my upbringing, as I mentioned the nice guy insecure friends I had, and the basic fact when I've had zero luck with women in the last 25-30 years, well you can see that I feel like I'm cursed...

    I remember last year I went to this bar/ lounge with my buddy and we sat at this table. Just over from us were these four beautiful young girls in there early 20's I guess. So me and my buddy are shooting the shit, then I see the hot blonde walk over to this table taking to these very good looking dudes.

    Then she comes over and I over herd her taking to her girlfriends. The one girl asks her, "So what's the story with those guys"? The blonde replies well the really cute guy in the blue shirt is married... (with a big grin on her face) next thing I see, the four hot girls went over and sat with these dudes.

    Yea Love Systems, quit talking about the importants of looks! (Sarcasm) When me and my buddy left, I said to him, did you see those hot girls go over and approach those guys? He says to me, man your just wasting your time with those chicks! So once again the women I would be interested in meeting I'm just wasting my time with... yet... other guys can meet and date them...

    So why not take a Love Systems Bootcamp?
    Don't get me wrong, I've red a lot of really positive reviews on LS and there boot camps. The main reason for me was cost, and the fact they really don't do many boot camps in Canada. I think Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the major city's they go to. I'm in Alberta. $3,000 US for a boot camp comes out to $4,089.29 CND, then there's the plane ticket to what ever city these guys are holding there boot camps in, then paying for three nights in a hotel.

    So your three grand boot camp just cost me about five grand give or take on the sales pitch that it will "change my life for ever". I just never bought into that sales pitch... That and I know of a few guys who took these boot camps and they said it was over rated. Guys who were total LS fan boys before they took the boot camp. From my understanding they talk a lot of theory and get guys to do a lot of approaches. Doing approaches is good and it does get you out of your comfort zone.

    But, in the end, am i really going to wind up with that younger looking katherine heigl? Especially when anytime I've ever seen anybody like that she always has a boyfriend she's walking hand in hand in the shopping mall with?

    There is a girl I went to school with who's now divorced who since I've friended her on Facebook has been very clingy and constantly messageing me on FB or by text... again she's okay, but... once again it's the plane Jane clingy nice girl life is trying to set me up with. I like my freedom to much to be stuck with some one and the depressing feeling this is the best I can do.

    Sorry for the long post. I really was trying to find help on here. I just found for the most part I was fighting and debating and arguing with other forum members about the whole looks issues.


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    Ya it's a long post I skipped most of it, but it looks like you're having trouble finding women in your age range who you are attracted to?

    How old are you?

    Online dating sites DO let you pick your target age range, but if you're ridiculous about it, good luck being matched with women who will want an old dude like you. My personal matching range is between 10 years younger, 3 years older.

    You may have to get creative if you're trying to date outside the "normal" age band. Join some social groups where people can see your youthful attitude (assuming you have one) underneath your own looks.

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