Need advice on day game approaches

I'm a 39 year old single guy who just stated day game approaches since a month ago. Since I have a full time job I can only daygame once a week for a few hours.
So my experience so far, it was very scary first time to approach a woman and giving her a compliment but I managed and every week its gets easier. However a few times I was walking for an hour in the city center without seeing any woman I found worth approaching. But usually I have approached 6-8 women each time when I go out. So far I have gotten only rejections with mixed responses. Some women enjoy the compliments I give them while others become angry and start walking faster away from me.
I try to aim for women around 30 but some girls look much older then they really are and I have approached a few around 22 of age. But older women are really much more receptive to compliments anyway.

One thing I find very uneasy to do is front stopping a woman, its feels so silly especially when approaching them from behind whole running a bit when they passed me by.

What is wrong front stopping a woman without her passing me by first?
So far I have only approached women from the sides and a few times in front while they were just standing.

Its also been my experience that the best dat for gaming is on a Saturday when women aren't walking so fast to go home after work and there more of them as well. Anyone else agree on this?