Need help with approach anxiety and fear of rejection?

Hey guys

I'm working on a service that removes approach anxiety and the fear of rejection. Permanently.

Instead of the nervousness, fears, and difficulty that you feel while going up to say hello to a woman...

And instead of that heavy disappointment you feel in your chest when you hear a no...

You can just feel fine about it. Like it's no big deal. Be easy approaching, be easy hearing no. Heck, you can get rid of being over-excited by hearing "yes" if you want to. ("But how...?" Yeah I know, read on.)

It could take you a thousand approaches to get to that state. Or it could take you 2-3 hours of "inner work" via Skype.

This is not a standard offer, and in about ten years of being in the seduction community (on and off...), I have never seen it before. So it's pretty unique.

"Is This Too Good To Be True?"

I wondered if it was until I went through the process myself.

I've removed a bunch of negativity from myself, including the nervousness before approaching a woman, the doubt about whether I am "enough" to accomplish a career goal (it would deter me from focusing on problem solving), and I'm going to use it to remove the fear of rejection later.

I even field tested the anxiety thing to make sure. It works, at least on me.

Now I want to show a few other men what I can do in exchange for feedback.

I'm aiming to charge several hundred dollars per session *later.* Right now, I just want to have 2-3 men hit my inbox and follow through on their sessions, via Skype. We'll be doing interactive work to create your results. But seriously: For the value you'll get from it, good lord, it's so easy.

Inbox me to apply. Tell me about how bad your approach anxiety is, fear of rejection, etc., and I'll pick the guys who get the most benefit out of it.

Questions go in the comments!

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