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    What is the best vibrator you have owned/own, and why?

    I'm curious as to what good quality brands/products are out there. Right now I'm completely obsessed with either Shibari, Hitachi, or Lelo. I've also heard Picobong is good.

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    So much about sex toys so its great that you are asking!

    If you want an amazing video from a professional that is full of great information go here:

    Sex toys are very personal leki all this types and models What feels great for some people can be crap for others. Best thing that I have found is to start experimenting and see what you like. Spend money on toys in the cheaper side until you figure out what you actually like. Then invest some money on them if you can since these toys will be going into some really delicate body parts.

    Things to choose from

    Material: Wood, silicone, glass, and steel are the most common ones. It depends what type of feeling you want to have. Silicone are the most common ones. I personally prefer glass (its tough stuff no worries) since its easier to clean and I like the firmness of it all.

    Shape: You can play with the shape to hit the prostate more if you so wish. It makes it a bit trickier to insert, so straighter ones are recommended for beginners. You can also get some that look more real.

    Width: Start small. Its easier to hurt a partner with dildo than with your hand and penis because you won't be able to feel them so its harder to read how their body is taking you. So make sure to communicate through it all. Thinner to start with and work yourself up there.

    Length: Try to not go super long at first. Stick with something around 7 inches or so to begin with.

    Make sure whatever you buy has something at the bottom that prevents the toy from going all the way in. Lubbed hands make it hard to control sometimes.

    Also make sure you use water based lube if you go with a silicone toy.

    And put condoms on the toy for 1) easier to clean 2) if you share them make sure you change condoms per person using them.


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