My New Journey Has Finally Started

Hello guys,
I'm a 31 yo man, I'm a programmer and never really got deep into PUA, but this time theres not one step back . So Here is what's happening.

I went to a karaoke bar. I sat near a girl who was kinda cute. Talked to her. She was interestet in programming, but didn't really know if it was for her. I said I also teach this stuff. She took my number. Then I told her, I should give her some materials to get a feel of programming. I told her to give me her facebook and I'll send her some great materials. She told me she doesn't have one. Ofcourse 2 minutes later, she was looking at it. And that was it. It was my first opening in ... an year.

My mistakes:
There was no vibe. I wasn't teasing her. I didn't flirt. I didn't say anything intriguing. I've lost shape in thiose things. I wish to train more. If you guys can give me advices on how to get into shape of a teaser again. Like some exersieses I'll b greateful. Needless to say I had to open other girls, but didn't.
As of the way I looked. I always wear a classy suit. Next time I'll add a watch and other accessoaries. I was wearing YSL La Nuit De l'Homme which is a fine fragranse.

Looking forward second part