Best Dating Ever

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    Best Dating Ever

    As you guys know, network always is the best place for single man or woman. But i'm a business man, no time to hang out and make new friends. Single for a while, maybe 2 or 3 years? But I got a girlfriend now, she is live in France, and I live in NZ. Too far and how can I get her be my girlfriend? And we decide dating at next Saturday. She come to NZ.

    I was play LOL, Diamond 1, and almost master. But after I work I just abandoned it. I was always play man game such as Call of Duty, Evil Within. No friends, No girls. No life.

    I know her through a mobile game, which name is Novoland the castle in the sky. We are in same clan, and do team trail together. I see her selfie, and fall in love, she is so beautiful. I think this girl is my girl. I give her gifts, play with her even when I'm still working. Added her FB and ins, she is a fitness girl. I have to say, after I saw her body that I'm hot. But a girl like that, I make a plan to get her become my own.

    First, give her gifts and accompany with her everyday and every seconds. Give her all you can do, make her feel like you will always by her side. Funny, is the important thing, that you can make her happy. Share your life to her, and become a listener. Listen carefully what she doing all day, and give her some advice if she need it.
    Finally, she said yes to me and married in the game. We skype, facetime everyday. And we decide to meet others in the real world. So she decides come to NZ to meet me.

    I'm scared, to be honestly. I'm afraid of that I can't make her satisfied. I want a perfect dating! I already appoint the best restaurant in Auckland, top of the Skytower. Therefore, we can see beautiful night view. I can hug her, and kiss her from back. Also, I will drive car with her go to Piha. I believe Piha is the best dating place in Auckland. Then, of course, motel.

    What do you guys thinking about, is that right?

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    What you guys thinking about it? Plz give some advice

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    No one there?

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