"We have nothing in common"

Long story cut semi-short. Plz read. Met an HB7 and k-closed. Scheduled a date a few weeks later. Date started great, a lot of shit testing, a lot of kino, kissing at Topgolf. I made it into the bedroom with her. Escalation was genuine and authentic but took a long time. Massage, kissing, clothes come off etc after two hours. I'm very very hard for most of that time. Turned into me asking her if she has a condom. I wrap up and my dick went limp after about a minute of intercourse. She felt awkward, I felt awkward. I probably acted a little weak, afterall this has never happened to me before. I attributed it to the alcohol and lack of sleep. She somewhat thought it was her. I apologized right before we crashed. I said, "Fuck, I'm so sorry that happened" and kinda laughed it off. She didn't really say anything.

Next morning we get dressed and I say "I made that pretty awkward for the both of us, that's my bad". She didn't reply but made me coffee and I lightened the mood with kino and some kissing.

Scheduled date two a few days later. She was groggy at first, she's a nurse so her sleeping hours are odd. Dates going well with one hiccup, she gets really upset I get a picture with her for my snapchat. Her thong was slightly showing, almost unseeable. I didn't see it until she pointed it out. She got upset and told me to delete it. I calibrated as a shit test and told her no, I liked the picture and we both look good. She was actually pretty upset that I said no and I told her, "You know what, you're right, that was my bad. I deleted it". I ask her, "Are we good?" She says "Yes, but thats not how I wanted you to act".

Anyways I brush it off and the choices were a movie or Austin for Halloween. I chose Austin. Plenty of fun stuff to do. Date goes well. We are flirting, bantering with each other, some teasing here and there. She breaks the ice about my dick being limp and says "I'm not even sure you're attracted to me with that limp dick of yours". I bust out laughing and tell her nah, I was rock solid for a long time just took us a while to get to that point.

We go to IHOP, still more playfulness. I take a pic of her across the table with some halloween caption, "Be my BOOOOO!" I didn't think twice but in hindsight I think it came off needy or something. I also get a little annoyed the dude behind her just keeps looking over at our table. Don't make a scene about it, just mention that it pissed me off after they left. We get back to her place. I try to escalate but we are both drunk and she wasn't feeling it either. I end up passing out hard. Next morning stuff starts to go downhill. Ask her what her schedule is like. I work, she works weird hours, so I wanted to set something up.

Me : well damn since you got such a long work week let's do something more casual tonight.
Her : Idk, maybe
Me : Hahaha fuck maybe (maintaining playfulness)

I gave her a quick kiss and left. I had a lot to do that day.

Her : "I can't hang out tonight cuz I have to get ready for my shift tomorrow blah blah blah" (no counter offer)
Her (several hours later) : "Are you mad"
Me after an hour later, just got out the gym : "I'm so mad . Lol nah I clocked out of work late and hit the gym hard. How's your night?"
Her (several hours later) : "Just woke up from a nap"

I could tell she was losing some interest so I froze her out for two days, not really sure why she lost interest or why I was freezing her out. Let her do her thing and I did some stuff over the weekend with friends. Thought I was maybe coming off clingy/needy? Tried to reel her back in after a few days. Asked her how the shifts were going. She texted me 8 hrs later that she just got off work etc... No biggie. I texted her later that afternoon that included something funny we both saw in Austin. No response. Should've taken the hint but wasn't sure if she was super busy.

Send her a brief snapchat later that night. One of an inside joke we have. She laughed and responded well. Later I sent a gym selfie with shirt off. Captioned "Lemme see you in those hot scrubs. Send a pic! " I thought she liked the gym, wanted to turn her on and get some flirting going. She was cold and very short with me.

Her : Nope, in bed
Me : Well shit, that's a bummer. Anyways, lets go see that movie tomorrow that you kept me from
(A joke because I'm the one that chose to not see the movie)
Her : I'm going to be honest, I had a lot of fun but I don't see us as a good couple

I probed her a bit

Me : Anything in particular that pissed you off?
(Asked because I have a tendency to laugh off most of what woman say to me, not sure if I legitimately offended her)
Her : No, I just think we are really different people
Me : How so? Is it because I talk to a lot of chicks? (She's seen my phone and other chicks I've gamed, and tbh a poor attempt to imply my pre-selection)
Her : No I just don't think we would mesh well together
Me : Ya you're right, I was just giving it a chance. Good luck with the grind
Her : Thanks, you too

I post a picture of myself in the gym on snapchat every time I go. Only one but I like to show people I have a life and have a good hobby. Does that come off douchy? She looks at them, told me I'm looking good before.

Can I salvage this or probe any further without looking insecure? Even by asking her what she lost interest in just gives her more value and lessens mine. If it's something like the pictures that I took on our date, is it salvageable to bring that up. Or is this a wrap? No contact and move on?