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    You can talk endlessly about how heroes with super abilities and double life occupied the entire Hollywood cinema, and what big money Hollywood makes on mumbled heroes, but this has already been said (and by me, and not in one movie comic book review) earlier. Each comic book adaptation - be it the grim “Keepers” with “The Dark Knight”, the comedic “Kick-Ass”, the naive “Spider-Man” by Sam Raimi or the pathetic “Avengers” - ultimately turns into a high-budget blockbuster, shooting at the box office so that costs it pays off at least once in five! In fact, “Venom” is a long-term project that was started even when there was no idea even about the large-scale unification of super heroes Marvel in one cinema of the universe, and this is the very good example when the studio did bring the work to the end.

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    Venom is really cool movie. He is real killing machine just like this game. Try and you will convince.

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    i think it's little overrated,but that's just for me.
    Maybe Marvel will change something.

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    I already watched this movie. Cool movie. Venom met all my expectations. The plot is so exciting.

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