Sexuality/connection building

My last meeting with a girl looked as follows.

I met with a girl from Tinder. She was less attractive in real life than on Tinder and I wasn't attracted to her but let's gain some experience at least and try something if I met with her already. I met with her at some place that was like a club outside, so I think it was a good place, you could dance there and also talk in a more quiet place. I texted her when and where we meet quite late, so she expected that I will forget about that meeting or not come so she came to the place right from the work and she had a laptop from work with her, so I couldn't dance with her. So I talked with her, and after that I talked with her, and after that I talked with her. Nothing sexual, nothing romantic or anything. Normal non-sexual conversation. Boring as fuck.

So at some point I thought "let's do something because if I talk like that, then nothing will happen, let's try something, let's gain some experience". I don't have a lot of experience, so I didn't really know how to escalate physically or what to do, especially that the conversation was non-sexual so the attempts of getting physical felt awkward, but I didn't have anything to loose so I tried anyway, even if it's awkward, who cares. So I touched her in the arm and I said that I just like touching people haha. And I said to her, let's just look in the eyes for 10 seconds and not say anything. And we looked each other in the eyes for 10 seconds. But it didn't build any chemistry on my part, and probably on her part didn't too. I really didn't know what I should do.

So what should I do so that it's not so boring? How to introduce some sexuality, connection, physicality and so on? I know about question game, but I think this is good when you are alone with the girl.

P.S. By the way guys, this popup is really annoying. If I say "no thanks", it means that I don't want to and if you ask me 20 times after each 20 second, it won't change my mind. Just like if you ask a girl for her number 20 times, it won't change her mind in any way.