She ditched me on our dates to see her bestfriend.

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  1. She ditched me on our dates to see her bestfriend.

    So I have been dating this girl for not quite long, maybe about for three months now. Although we donít constantly see each other but we make it sure that we get to have a date every once in a while. However, as our relationship progresses, she keeps having excuses whenever I ask her out. I mean, yeah, Iím cool with that especially if itís because of some natural causes or emergencies which she usually uses. However, just recently, I found out that she has been ditching me because of her best friend. I get it that itís her best friend but why does she have to hide it from me to think that this is a guy best friend. I talked to her about this but she canít seem to give me a justifying answer. This makes me doubt her and everything that she says about loving me and our relationship. Should I really be worried of this?

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    It is a matter of worry if your partner hides something from you in a relationship especially about her/his opposite-sex bestfriend. It seems like she also have feelings for that guy also. You should meet that guy and clear the things before turn your dating into a relationship.

  3. I tried meeting the guy but also seems to be avoiding me. I don't want ot jump into any conclusions but both their actions suggests something else that makes me doubt her and her best friend more. I am still trying to find out what is going on between the two of them and only then will I decide on what I should do.

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    3 months is plenty of time to sort out what kind of relationship you guys are having.

    Forget about the "friend". He is not the issue, he is the distraction from the issue.

    If she is not seeing you as much as you want to see her, that is the problem.
    If she is making and breaking plans, that is the problem.

    For the most part, you have 2 choices: either accept the attention she is giving you and not complain about it, or you can let her know it's not working out and go find someone else who you fit better with.

    Good luck!

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