How to get back with an ex

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  1. How to get back with an ex

    I was in a relationship with this girl for 6 months, and long story short, I tried to manipulate her to break up with me by telling her I still talk to my ex and being more distance towards the end (after unsuccessfully attempting to break up with her myself, she kept fighting to make it work, but finally she broke up with me).
    It worked, she hates me, said we are done. The following day a buddy of mine even saw her on tinder and made plans to go on a date with him, but he never followed thru.
    I did not contact her for two weeks after she broke up with me, then I texted and called her to try and get her back. She told me to leave her alone and that this is definitely over since she feels betrayed by me (hung up on me crying). It is has now been another 2 weeks since then (4 weeks total since the break up). Is it possible to get her back? How?
    I know about one-itis, and I am not looking for a response that I should just move on and leave her alone. I just want to know what steps I can take to get her back. How? Advice?
    She was my first girlfriend and I was scared about getting too close. Any advice is appreciated, other than telling me to move on and find another girl.

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    It is "oneitis". Move on, friend.

  3. make connections with new girls, find more things to be happy about. then when you talk to your first girlfriend again, you will come across as cool and indifferent. she will sense this and then you have the best chance of catching her in a good mood and changing her mind. sounds like you had a good thing going for a while

    give her some space, a week or two is good. if you dont hear from her, call again and just joke a bit, see if she's willing to talk and open up, if she hints at hanging out ask her how quick she can be over or say tonight isnt the night but youll definitely be in touch. don't focus on the negative things that happened. you can apologize briefly and hint at your new found maturity, but dont make a big deal of it

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