4 Points that improved my relationship

Hello Guys
This is my first post in this forum, I'm making this post to share my experiences, I'll hope someone find it helpful

1. Don't push her too much when fighting,

If your girl makes you in a bad mood, or hurt you emotionally (Yes we guys got emotions to)
It's very easy to use your "testosterone" and yell at the girl, blame her for our issues and be to harsh at her, while this can be good at times to break her down just a little bit it usally does not work.
The biggest key here is to not totally ignore her, but rather be very short with your answers and display a lack of intresst.

2. Get your sex game on

There is countless videos on xtube and youtube that demostrates exactly how make a women squirt and how to please her better in bed.
Educate yourself

3. Learn to play/use her emotions

Girls like Drama movies for-a reason, they like to feel an emotional roalercoaster.
Neg her a bit, a minute later make her happy, then a minute later make her horny. She will learn to rely on you for her emotions.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don't overplay this, if your girl feels bad you need to-be there for her, constant playing with her feelings while leaving her haning will result in trauma and eventually she will shut down her feelings to not be hurt, get your attention and care from her but you also need to be there for her if she feels bad, a relationship is about supporting eachother.

4. Take care of yourself

Dress well, get a gym membership card, get a personal trainer to motivate you if you never did it before, training in the gym has massivly improved my life, sometimes when I deadlift I can get huge rushes of testoserone witch improves my sexlife and confidence.

I hope anyone got anything out from this post, main reason is just to share my expiriances what worked so far for me.