I hate our song. Do I tell her?

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  1. I hate our song. Do I tell her?

    My girlfriend is very hopeless romantic, that she even picked out a song for us. She chose a foreign song that she really liked on Spotify and claimed it to be ďour song.Ē If Iím not mistaken it was La Vie En Rose or something like that. French lyrics and all. I admit the acoustic sounds nice. The strumming of the guitar, the voice of the singer, it sounds good. But itís just too slow for me. Kind of too cheesy for my liking. Do I tell her that I donít like ďour song?Ē How do I even break it to her without hurting her feelings?

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    1. Is it that important?
    2. How have you got in a position where you canít tell her something like that?

    With where you are now Iíd decide if itís that important to you to tell her, if it is, then say it in a joke way and as if you donít really care about it either way, because you shouldnít.

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