Silent/Moaner/Groaner/Babbler/Screamer : Girls categorized


Ok so I am not boasting but I have had many relationships and had many one night stands , so I have observed that all woman can be categorized into following categories based on how they ract when you are having sex with them.


Silent : The woman is silent and tries to suppress herself by letting out a slight shriek which is almost inaudible. The good thing is you can do it without getting caught in places where you should not be hooking up.

Moaners are someone who moans regularly for maximum duration of sex.

Groaners are ones who groan from the bottom of their throat continuously.

Babblers are the once who mumble continuously as they are being railed. They babble a lot which might not make any sense.

Screamers : They are loud mouthed woman who let it all out on top of their lungs and you cant have sex in discretion with such woman.


So guys let us know
Which one you like or dislike ?
Any stories that you wanna share.

Or let me know if you have any other category to share.