New here & Playing the game after marriage.

So, guess I should start with a hello, new to the group and the official game.
For backstory, I was somewhat of a natural in my teens and early twenties, got married, had kids, became a work zombie for a decade.
Now I'm trying to get back in the swing of things (minor pun there) with my wife.
My game has gotten rather weak, at least imo. Things have changed. But I'm getting better by the day.
Wife and I have an open relationship, it's been open for the last 11 years but I didnt use it to its fullest. A few girlfriends and one nighter here and there but I was pretty laid back.
Wondering if theres other married players out there and how you run things. Any tips, advice, questions or discussion welcome.

Also, Any lady pickup artists here have any advice for the womens point of view? Wifes trying to learn to, both for herself and to play as my wing/pivot.