What are your thoughts about matchmaking services?

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  1. What are your thoughts about matchmaking services?

    Iíve been single for 5 years already. My past relationship was hell that I canít afford to fall in love again. I know itís impossible to not be attracted to women again but the trauma kept me from getting acquainted to them. Meanwhile, my mother keeps on telling me that I should marry immediately. Iím turning 31 next month and Iím not getting any younger anymore. A friend of mine advised me to try dating online or engage with matchmaking services. I have heard a lot of negative and positive reviews of it but Iím still skeptical on getting into it. What are your thoughts about this? Can someone share their experiences here? Your comments are very much appreciated.

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    What are your thoughts about matchmaking services

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  3. I've considered doing this as well recently, as I agree that online dating is horrible. Years ago I had contacted a few professional matchmakers just to get an idea and they wouldn't leave me alone. In other words, I say check it out but make sure you connect with the matchmaker. If they try to hard sell you, and most if not all will, run.

    Matchmaking is a very personal thing. Don't allow them to try to talk you into what they think you should be looking for or who they think you should date. They may resent you if you don't want to date who they think you should date, just like IRL when friends try to match you up.

    So yes I may be stating the obvious. I say give it a shot, maybe try and find someone you trust who has used such a service and can refer you. Just make sure the matchmaker is listening to you and isn't just excited about the $$$ you are giving them.

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