Dating my own crazy rich Asian gf

My girlfriend and I come from different economic status. Iím just a regular man from San Antonio and sheís this rich Asian girl from a well-off family. We met in New York It didnít matter at first because love is love, right? I pay for our dates, I give her gifts, I literally make ends meet just to show her that I can provide for her too. Some of her friends tell her that Iím just after her money while others would call me her boy toy when they think I donít hear them. I try to brush it off and swallow every ounce of pain because things like that are to be expected. What hit me the most is when she introduced me to her sister. She right out told me that I was a good man but I just wasnít good enough for her sister. Who knew Chongqing women could be that blunt?! My girlfriend called her out for what she said but it didnít dull out the pain those words caused. Weíve been walking on eggshells since then. What do you guys think? Should I just throw the towel on our relationship? Do the numbers on your bank account really matter to Asian families?