How to tell gf her cooking isn't good?

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  1. How to tell gf her cooking isn't good?

    My girlfriend LOVES to cook a lot, but unfortunately her food isnít that appetizing. Iíve been putting up with her cooking since she moved in. I donít have the heart to break it to her that her dishes donít really taste good. Itís not really super bad that itís inedible already, but itís just tastes bland or too salty most times. How do I tell her politely that her cooking isnít good? I want to stop pretending when I eat already. There was this one time she used a foreign kind of spice that I didnít quite figure out and my stomach hurt so much. I need advice from yíall.

  2. Stop being a pussy and just fucking tell her. Don't be a dick, but just be honest.

    You can also offer to help her cook, and offer constructive criticism. One good, one bad, one good.

    "I really like your lasagna, it's super delicious... but could you try using XYZ cheese next time? I think I might like that even better," type deal.

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