Suspect my girl is cheating...Please help!

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  1. Suspect my girl is cheating...Please help!


    I am a 30 year old male and I am in a relationship of 10 years now with my 25 year old girlfriend. Through the years I was a very jealous person and a lot of the person she became now has to do with me but changed a lot now. She never cheated on me before or not that I know of..Not many guy friends , not active on social media etc..She does everything for me and nothing is to much for her. Almost the perfect girlfriend if you will

    However about a year ago something strange happened..We moved in together in an appartment building on the 2nd floor and at 1 specific evening while she was coocking dinner and I was in the same room watching some stuff on my computer I suddenly heard a Phone...It sounded like a familiar notification sound but couldn't put my finger on it ( I later discovered at my parents house that the tone was a " done " sound from an old Samsung Phone ) We both had a NOKIA Phone at the time. I jumped up the moment I heard it and asked did your Phone went off? She acted calm and said no idea go and check sweetheart..I went and check..Nothing , then I checked my Phone again nothing ..It made me suspicious and think she had a 2nd Phone lying around , forgot to turn it off and it went off..She sometimes is extremely forgetful

    Now the first thing you all will probably say is you live in an appartment it's the neighbours rest at ease.. but that's ( for the most part ) not possible because not a single Phone can be heard through ceilings or walls. So that is out of the question for sure and the only thing that is maybe slightly possible is that it came from someone in the hallway on our 2nd floor..Thing is there is only 1 couple living there

    I just...I don't know maybe I'm paranoid but I have a hard time believing that a person was walking in that small piece of hallway just when there Phone went off or they did something with that Phone to make it beep... Me hearing that sound and my girlfriend didn't In her defense ( She was cooking and being busy with kitchen stuff as far as I remember ) Which makes it also a bit weird believing that Phone being loud enough from the hallway for me to hear through her kitchen stuff that was going on ( especially because that specific SAMSUNG tone is a very quiet one on most old phones however not every Phone has the same volume so maybe with a loud one it's possible? But still I asked her about it almost daily for over a year now and she keeps saying , swearing it wasn't her and it must come from the hallway or I miss heard another sound coming from her kitchen stuff and my brain made it soundlike that tune ( Which I hardly believe ) It was to real...I checked on her facial expression when I ask her about it and she seems honest, never saw something weird in her eyes or expression. She did have a reason to cheat though because we had a terrible time around that period..So it isn't far fetched she found comfort with someone else , bought another Phone to contact that person sometimes because we are open with our own phones to each other , forgot to put that phone off and it made a sound when we were in the appartment..

    How do I deal with this? I think about this almost daily and it kills me..The " not knowing " part is so extremely difficult to deal with..The uncertainty is killing me slowly. I feel depressed and have no idea how to continue in this relationship but on the other hand I can't leave her for something I have no proof on..

    Please is there someone with some tips on how to handle this situation?

    Sorry for the wall of tekst

    Thank you

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