I'm scared of happy and it's affecting my relationships

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    I'm scared of happy and it's affecting my relationships

    I always had this feeling that when Iím happy at the moment, something bad will always happen afterwards. Itís like a growing fear that I have or something. It had affected the relationships I had in the past which is why Iím trying to deal with it now. I donít want it to affect my current relationship too. Itís just going so good that Iím scared it might be taken away from me again. I can say that complete happiness is a foreign feeling to me. Thereís always the anxiety thatís eating me alive. What do I do about this? Should I seek professional help? How do I overcome this fear?

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    Good or bad is mostly depends on your attitude. The things are general, just your thinking differentiates in good or bad. Always think positive, when anything happens think about your relationship and the person you love the most.

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