Crazy Rich Asian hype. Are Asians really like that?

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    Crazy Rich Asian hype. Are Asians really like that?

    As you know the movie Crazy Rich Asians have gained so much popularity since it went out on theaters. My girlfriend forced me to watch it with her. It was a good movie letís get that right but I never really understood the culture of other countries so Iím a bit curious if everything in the story was portrayed correctly. Are Asian mothers really that strict when it comes to their sons marrying foreign brides? Sheís still considered foreign to them, right? Since sheís not from the same culture and country as the guy. Do they really disown their sons when they donít like their girlfriends? Here in the US, the opinion of parents donít really matter that much.

  2. Its actually true, It usually happen if the parents are very traditional regardless of their economic status. If the parents don't like you, they'll be upfront about it to the point of disowning their children.

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