I didn't know we were kind of a thing already.

I have a Japanese co-worker whos sweet and well-mannered. He respects women in general and he respects me. I like him and I think he likes me too. He sends me flowers and chocolates. He even gives me hand written short letters. Since we are working at the same company, we eat lunch together. All along I was thinking hes courting me because of his actions. Little did I know, we are already a thing--- like in a relationship. I have found that out when I asked him what exactly are we and he said we are lovers. One of my friends told me that in Japanese culture, if a man and woman is always together and is showing romantic feelings toward one another, theres no need for confirmation. I am an Asian myself. Courtship and confirmation is indeed needed. But hes Japanese, so yeah, there are culture differences. Each of our cultures are a foreign to one another and I guess Ill just have to deal with it. I was just caught off guard by how sudden I got myself a boyfriend.