Should I tell her she smells?

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  1. Should I tell her she smells?

    Sooo I’ve been seeing this chick for a few weeks now. She’s smart, beautiful, and super talented too. Basically, she’s the total package. She’s everything I want in a woman- but there’s a catch. She has REALLY bad body odor. I don’t know if it has to do with her diet, her beauty routine, or just plain old personal hygiene, but MY GOD! She smells so bad. Maybe it has something to do with the beauty products that Lima women use? I really don’t know. Should I tell her that she smells? Or is it best to just leave things be and let her realize this on her own? I don’t want to hurt her or come off as a jerk.

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    My most memorable gift was friends when they gave me sushi for 30 years ... on a girl . I was free then, now I remember with a smile, I told my wife - she also appreciated the originality of the gift.

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