Dating a brazilian hot woman

I met this Brazilian woman last week on a tuesday afternoon. She's new in town and came from Brazil to have a new life, 32 years old, man what a body, thin hip and round ass, nice boobs, around 1,72 cm tall, a brazilian goddess. You can't not look to her when she's around.
Me and a friend, wingman, started to talk with her and her friends, 2 man and a three women. We stayed with them around half and an hour, and they were just friends, the guys were nice and cool, and the women, well, can't talk to any of her cause the brazilian stayed with me most of the night.
I asked for her number and she gave me. Lately i asked for a picture with here and she agreed.
We had a couple whatsapps a couple days after, friday, and i told her for planning. She said she will do something that night with a friend female, and then she doesn't know... and saturday she will to party with her friends.
I thought that she wanted to date that night, but i was very intimdated by her beauty.
So we talked a little and agreed to date tomorrow and i told her about 2 plans, corners of city, wich could be nice to see what she says. She says she was ok with both, so i feeling she like that man get the leadership. I said well i could talk you on tuesday -today- and see what hour, etc. She said ok you can call me when you want...
She gave me later her instagram on sunday and talked a little... I supposed we wet on wednesday so Monday no talking.
But today, tuesday, i screwed it up. I was learning some brazilian language, portugues, to talk to her, i knew a little. I called her, but no answer, so i send her an audio. I told her to go this afternoon or tomorrow, at 7, at the beach -i have a beach close to where i live-, and see the sunset, drinking, walking, and so on. I was planning to dine later if things goes right.
But i said something that i though i knew, but it seems the translation to portuguese it's something bad for a woman. OMG! After the audio she didn't say anything about dating, she said sorry i couldnt answer you i was busy, what do you mean with...xxxxxx -> the word. She said also she hasn't a good day...
I said that i was trying to say something nice about her beauty, i liked her instagram pictures, but that i was sorry if something was wrong. She said that word could mean something bad for woman in her country. I apologize, and so on. She said that's ok and that shes now in a different country and she wants respect from the beginning. I told her that i was sorry again, i was agree with the respect, etc. etc. And if she's ok.
She said: dont worry, im a very observant woman and it's all ok, don't worry. She's very polite, educated, architect, and i feel from her messages she was all right, but when I told her to call her when she can, and thanks for her understanding and knowing how to be she stopped answering me.
She upload a pic on instagram a couple hours later. It's ok, im just meeting her, but i wonder if i did something very wrong and i could do next or wait for her message.
I think i'v been sending the "be need" vibe to her and she felt it today.
What could be my next step? Saying AGAIN for a date on a couple days?...
Thanks community!