women at the gym

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    women at the gym

    so a previous thread i posted prompted me to ask this question. What are yalls thoughts about women at the gym? There is the most insanely beautiful women there and I love a woman who lives that lifestyle because I enjoy going too.

    I just wanted to gather people's thoughts on this. Would the gym be an appropriate place to meet women? How would you go about talking to a woman at the gym. Do you approach differently? Just trying to get some thoughts on the matter.

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    Gym is a mighty fine place to meet women.

    The biggest trouble is they probably get approached a lot at the gym, not to mention they're usually concentrating on their actual exercise, so be aware and respectful of their time.

    Approach would be same as any other ... use the built-in situational openers, i.e., talk about whatever exercises you are doing.

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