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  1. This review is a review of the 10-day bootcamp in Las Vegas July/August 2018 from a "10-day guy".

    How I came to this program
    I had had a couple of bootcamps. These bootcamps made me progress from a point where I wouldn't speak to any stranger at all – especially not a woman - to a point that I could have a short normal conversation with strangers – men or women. I was still too afraid of approaching a group of strangers and too afraid of touching. However, time was going by, and I my age approached 37, and I figured that if I want to have a family, I needed to progress further and soon. When I got an e-mail in the beginning of the year that you can apply for “Project Rockstar” (of which I had read and heard before) and that it might be the last one, I didn't hesitate and applied. I did not qualify for that program, but did this 10-day instead.

    Is this 10-day bootcamp like a "normal" 3-day bootcamp, just 10 days long?
    The short answer is no.
    A bit more in detail: It has to be said that this 10-day bootcamp is part of "Project Rockstar" for the ones that qualified for that program. Some of us “10-day guys” (including myself) had applied for Project Rockstar, but hadn't qualified, others had directly opted for the 10-day bootcamp. I knew in April that I didn't qualify, but got the handout for the nutrition and fitness program for the rockstars for taking the 10-day bootcamp. Initially, I had intended to do both the nutrition and the fitness program, however, as I had already not qualified for the Project Rockstar, I couldn't get kicked out of that program. So when I realized how much of the time it took, I only stuck to the nutrition part of the program. This program made me lose 18 kg of weight, and I passed from 30.1 % body fat to 11 % within three months. So I had already a positive experience with the program and accordingly a good self-esteem before the actual 10-day bootcamp began.
    Additionally, Andrew had introduced us “10-day guys” to each other via a messaging app as soon as he knew our contacts. So we could communicate in order e.g. to share a stay (if you have the possibility, I highly recommend doing that. Most of us “10-day guys” shared one house. Unfortunately, some contacts came to Andrews knowledge too late).
    Having available the time of 10 days (instead of 3) not only changes the time spent on learning, but enables a change in the learning environment. I have already mentioned that many of us have shared a house. This made exchange of thought after class and/or after going out and/or while having breakfast possible.
    Similarly, the “rockstars” were sharing a mansion (where we had our lectures as well).
    Also, we introduced a container on the first day, i.e. we agreed upon rules, which set an environment where we could share our experiences without shame. A big part of what we learned and experienced in the program could only be done because we had that container in place and we had built trust in each other.
    While on day one Andrew (Sterling) declared something like that during the program we all form one class and there is no difference between "10-day guys" and "rockstars", that difference remained. Let me be clear, the instructors cherished everyone's questions and helped everyone (maybe that is all, what Andrew actually meant). Also, there was a team/class feeling.
    Nonetheless, the “rockstars” shared their mansion, most of us “10-day guys” shared a house. So it feels only natural that the bond was stronger within the group (10-day or rockstar) than the others of the class. It didn't help to break these lines of group that we went to the club in smaller groups (roughly three students per instructor) that were sub-groups of the two main groups (instead of mixed groups).
    For at least the above reasons, I would qualify the learning environment of the 10-day bootcamp fairly different from a “normal” bootcamp.

    What did we do in the program?
    The day before the program began most of us 10-day guys meet in the house that we share for the duration of the program. Up to this point we only know each other by text (e-mail or messaging app). Some of us have troubles in getting to Las Vegas at all.

    Day 1: We come to the mansion, which is the place where the “rockstars” live and where we have our lectures. As I do not know any of the rockstars, I feel intimidated. As they have done the fitness program, most of them look muscular. I do not know that some of the people that I do not know are also 10-day guys.

    We make a presentation of ourself to a paired partner and present that paired partner to the rest of the class. The ice begins to break. We set up the rules for the container and get a little bit of theory for the night. On the first night, we focus a) on maintaining a boring conversation and b) on having fun.

    Day 2: We speak about the night of day 1. We learn about the “sacred hour” (time spent to get “into the body”) and about humour. We start with a breathing exercise performed also in the following days. We practice the theory at night.

    Day 3: We speak about the night of day 2. We learn from each others experiences (the positive and the negative ones!) We learn about flirtatious conversation, and the existence of normal, deep, flirtatious, and sexual conversation.

    Day 4: We speak about the night of day 3. We learn from each others experiences (the positive and the negative ones!) We learn more about deep conversation. We make an exercise on deep conversation.

    In the night we have a circle of trust.

    Days 5 to 8 we focus on inner game. We still go out at nights and debrief the next morning.

    Day 9: We learn about logistics. The instructors present some programs that we can have after the 10-day bootcamp.

    Day 10: Text game.

    Was the 10-day worth the money?
    This is a diffficult question. As explained above, I had originally applied for Project Rockstar. In one of the interviews already (and also later in class), Andrew stated (I believe he cited someone, but I don't remember who) that people overestimate what they can achieve in 10 days and underestimate, what they can achieve in two years. It is a two year's journey that I am on. The program has given me awareness and a “light grip” (as Andrew calls it) on things I have to work on. Maybe my expectations had also increased (too much) because of the very positive effect of the nutrition program (as explained above) and of some progress during the program. But to be entirely honest, I am definitely still quite far from how good with women I had hoped to be. My minimal outcome from this program was that I will gain enough momentum in game that I can continue when I am back at home and “soon” (without a precise date) be good enough to attract/date an attractive woman when I want to. That “soon” will probably have to be revised towards the two-year time limit. A time frame where I would have hoped to found a family.
    On the other hand, I am still convinced that some day I will achieve my goals, and also, that I needed the awareness of some of these aspects I have to work on. We are still to get some of the material, which I will need sometime in the future for revision.

    Does the program turn one into a weired PUA-dude?
    I don't think so. Yes, there are times where I have to look where the boundaries are, and yes at these times I am (sometimes way) out of my comfort zone. But all in all, I still feel, that I am myself. I use(d) some lines that were taught because there was sometimes too little time during the 10-day bootcamp to individualise the lines to get the “light grip” of an aspect, but first of all we had to have fun ourselves.

    Is the material unique?
    At least in parts, I believe so. Andrew's ability of understanding what the students are thinking is amazing. He can read one's mind better than we can read our own. He can point out some (even subconscious) rules (false belief) that hinder the student in doing the right thing. Once having awareness thereof, the student can consciously act against the false belief. As to other material, it looks quite standard to me (e.g. logistics).
    There is an emphasis on having fun when going out and on focusing on happiness.
    In contrast to Love Systems, the mobile phone is considered a means for conversation, and not just a means of logistics. Some of the material is still to come.

    Was the bootcamp a (spiritual) awakening?
    I have to say I hardly believe in religion. Whether I am agnostic or atheistic may vary from day to day. At some point in the bootcamp I felt awakened (alive, as I hadn't before). There were definitely some special experiences. As an nonreligious person, I still do not call it a spiritual awakening. Others may disagree.

    What about the instructors?
    Andrew is amazing. He can read our minds better than we can our own. This program has a focus on “inner game”. This program involves a lot of trust and surrendering (to tasks). Andrew and Alex know well what they are teaching. This helps a lot in just trusting their methods. Andrew's and Alex' experience in the field is absolutely mind-blowing. ;-) The other instructors and also the alumni are very helpful when going out in the evening. As to the other instructors' teaching (concerning outer game), I often felt that they hat too little time to teach what they wanted to teach. I definitely had too little time for taking notes and I still think that for a 10-day bootcamp some material should have been covered, that wasn't or was just barely (e.g. fashion or day game). Text game was covered, but not in a digestible way. We have been promised more reading material for that. I hope that this will clear that part up.
    Still, I want to emphasize that when going out, all the instructors and also the alumnis (former Project Rockstar students) were of great help. They spotted errors that I was not aware of. Or gave good advice on errors that I knew I made, but didn't know how to address. They offered their help where they could.

    After the program
    It is difficult to say at this point (about two weeks after the program) whether the contacts will remain or will fade. However, in contrast to the former “normal” bootcamps that I had we have established a group in a messaging app and at least some of us are still active in the group. So I am confident that this will be a source of support, reminder, and motivation that we are on our way of self-improvement. Some of us may even meet up again.

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    My impression of the 10 day. First off, this 10 day was unique in that we pretty much began our 10 day program the same days as the Rockstars began their program. I realize this was valuable to the experience because we had lots of energy among us, each had experiences to share, and it really made the time lots of fun and we could lean on each other in many ways. I felt that some of the Rockstar (RS) class saw their group as different, or special, but honestly, we are all in the same boat and have a desire to improve ourselves by taking action and doing it together. I now see them as brothers because of the time and experiences we shared. It's clear that a large group is a key part in make the program successful for everyone. It's that “container “approach that Andrew and Blake use that bonds us and takes us forward together. I think its tough to avoid this hierarchy for some people, as I experienced a similar experience in the military with the ranking and rating hierarchy, but you ultimately get what you put into the program. I applied for RS and was not accepted, but at the end of my 10 day I felt like I don't need the full RS program, however, it would be awesome to do it and certain I would grow significantly in a short amount of time, plus you get to party with great guys.

    Upon arrival, Andrew told us we came for X but well get Y. We got X, or Outer Game, but most of us knew there was more than just outer game that we needed, that is the Inner Game part.

    I feel like the 10 day helped me put that missing piece together into my own life experience and influence shell. It didn't solve all of my life problems or make me an instant god of picking up any woman, or some kind of super confident social guy, and I certainly didn't expect or need that. I just wanted help in fully understanding outer game, but more importantly learning about myself enough to understand what holds me back and gives me that feeling of fear and anxiety in my life. I have my outgoing social days and then I have my introverted, in my head days too. I think most men do. I wanted to deal with specific personal challenges with this program, and doing a 3 day boot-camp was not enough outer game and certainly no real inner game work on myself. I held things inside that ultimately caused me to allow my inner self and my life experiences to hold me back from being me, from ben being who I really am. Its tough to explain, but the feeling is extraordinary. Specifically, those feelings in communicating with women and people in general, and the negative BS my mind feeds me daily were two challenges I wanted to understand and conquer. In fact, many of us walked into the program with these ridiculously unrealistically high expectations that we should be able to conquer and get what we want from a woman or others by conquering hard or differently, and that the outcome would magically appear through some sort of special training or coaching. It's funny to look back at the program and reminisce about each others expectations, mine included!

    We all had fucked up expectations inside our head, some of us for so long, that you don't even realize they are their holding you back. This pissed me off when I realized it and I had a feeling about this before the program, but I couldn't really fully deal with it or had the guidance I needed. I have spent years prior to the 10 day program working on personal issues, dealing with relationships in messed up ways, those poisonous internal negative thoughts and beliefs, where counseling helped, but not 100%. And, just challenges communicating with friends and family and woman. I have come a long way in these years and I am a very positive and strong person who became a man in the military, and one who has always been independent and self sufficient since leaving home after high school. You know, the belief that you just should be a man and resolve problems yourself... be a man. The truth is, WE ALL NEED HELP. In life, business, relationships, and personally. It's OK for a man to ask for help or get help from experts.

    I went into the program with complete trust in the team and a self determination to give it my all. I made efforts and set goals 3-6 months before the program for myself that would allow me to have focus on this program, went through the RS workout and meal program and eliminated relationships and time wasters from my life prior to attending. This was my year to jump in and make a change and I am well on my way. Believe me, there is more work to do and certainly more time and experience is necessary to improve my outer game when out approaching women, but I have new skills, mindset and foundations that are truly powerful. I now have a unique ability and knowledge where I can focus on practicing my inner game each day and using it in interesting ways. I love it, and it feels so empowering. Since returning from the program, the universe has already sent me things in surprising little ways and I know much more is to come. People have reached out to me, girls have responded differently, friends and family sound different to me, and I am able to share and give more easily when communicating. I can be me, I am seeing my real self more fully and completely, and I now have the tools and some good skills in how to take who I am and be awesome! I am an really amazing person and so are so many others, and I will no longer

    The intervention and breathing were insane! In fact, the intervention is a little terrifying and I know one person who left the program before completing it. The intervention was part of letting go and finding that place inside that keeps you from being more amazing. Its getting to your emotions and letting it out. It feels great and its something we should all experience going into adulthood. To be masculine, you don't have to cry, but you need to surrender to your emotions, and you will cry, its like a reaction. The breathing precedes the intervention, and I won't go into details on the breathing exercises or interventions, but they are both great experiences that you get to share with others. When is the last time you shared some deep shit with other men who are complete strangers? Probably never, but we are all in the container together bonded as brothers, as humans, as spirits.

    One skill I now have that I must share, I can now get into state by simply closing my eyes and doing a breathing technique for several seconds. I can do it standing up, sitting or lying down. I do it in the mornings and also anytime I feel I need to get in state. What I mean by in state, is that place you need to be when going out meeting girls or even just to feel good and get away from your own thoughts. In state gets me out of my head, my thought cycles, and into my body, the place of my emotional strength. I've never really understood these two things much or realized they were completely separate, but its amazing shit. I breathe in and out deeply, open my eyes and I uncontrollably laugh or smile a little, its like magic! I love it and I do it daily, and then I walk around happy and powerful feeling and weird shit happens. I cant wait to take it further and create a more amazing life for myself.

    I am thankful every day for life, and look forward to the amazing experiences to come. I would love to help other guys and believe the opportunity will come soon. I have this new knowledge and empowerment that I can share with my son in a few years as he matures. How amazing is that to share and give something to your own son that will help him become an amazing man.

    I leave you with this: look into the program, talk to Andrew and Blake and learn more about what they do. They are dedicated to helping others and its wonderful to find other guys who were in the same place that so many men are today. I found masculine energy. I found a deeper self acceptance. I CAN BE ME. I AM AMAZING. I AM AWESOME!

  3. 10 - Day Bootcamp review

    I never realized how physically exhausting this experience would be. In all honesty, if I knew before hand I wouldn’t have signed up. I’m so happy I didn’t know and that I went through with it.

    As most of the people who got into the program, I had taken different bootcamps with some temporary level of success. I knew I wanted something different and a good friend recommended this program to me, so I decided to sign up and give it a try

    Originally I signed for the NY 10 day as I live there and I’ve never been too crazy about Vegas. At the last moment I had to cancel the NY 10-day and Andrew was very understanding and let me transfer the 10-Day to the Vegas one. That already gave me an idea of the quality of person Andrew is.

    The first day was quite overwhelming. We immediately went over the material and got a glimpse of what the program would be about: a completely different approach to this whole “game” thing. The first night we had a very simple instruction, go out and have boring conversations, and don’t leave until she leaves. The first 6 interactions I got blown out after a couple of minutes and saw that it didn’t really mattered to get blown out. That changed my mindset completely, and felt super comfortable just talking in general (still following the instruction) and lo and behold, girls were not leaving the interaction even after 20 minutes of pretty normal day to day conversation.
    That blew my mind.

    The second night we were thought a concept that for me was a theoretically simple concept but which I came to believe is deeply profound: Going out is not sustainable if you don’t have fun. That is exactly what happened to me all those years after I took a bootcamp. Most of the times I felt going out was a chore necessary to meet girls and not an enjoyable activity by itself. They introduced us to a concept they called “the sacred hour”, which is basically trying to purposefully be social with everyone so you can change your state into a more social one. Truth be told it usually does not take a full hour, and after the first couple of interactions you can physically feel the difference, and believe me, people start treating you differently, they want to be around you. That for me was such a big realization. Thinking back about all the most memorable nights in my past where I did great with girls, it was because unbeknownst to me, I was in state and was having a blast ( but most likely with some help from alcohol). But now the concept was presented so eloquently that it completely hit home...and no drinking is involved!

    After a couple of days we started to get into the inner game portion of the seminar. This is where we dug deep into our psychology, a psychology which at many times in the past prevented me from unleashing my full potential. I’ll be the first to recognize that some of the things that I thought were not affecting me in my relationships, were really affecting me. The level of empathy from every person that was present was amazing and that made it way easier to open up and be vulnerable. I shared things about myself that I had never said to anyone. I felt zero judgement and so much support

    For the next couple of nights after sharing a lot of personal stuff I have dealt with, we went out and the funny part was that I felt a lightness that I haven’t felt before. Not everything was perfect, on one particular night I ran out of steam quite early and I couldn’t get in state again, but that’s ok, because I understood and accepted the situation for what it was. The next night I again found myself in state, having fun and being happy in a club, which I saw now as my total new reality. I also accept that there will be not so perfect nights, and that in no way should discourage me from keep on going out and having fun

    Andrew mentioned a couple of things that highly resonated with me:

    1. Everyone comes in the program with different goals and different situations. It is very important that you never compare yourself to others. However, it is important to keep an open mind and learn from other students, instructors and alumni
    2. Every time you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone (i.e. approach a girl) it is a definitive win. The rest is a bonus
    3. Life is meant to be lived in the body, not the mind
    4. How do you have fun? You just do
    5. Respect the process- that means that if you practice what is being taught, eventually you will get it. For some people it might take 5 days, for other it might take 8 months, but eventually we can all get there
    6. Go into every interaction with the mentality of giving and not taking. Never wanting or expecting anything from anyone

    It’s been two weeks since we finished the program. I went back to NYC and have been out three times. The first time was a friends birthday party, so it was mostly social circle. Before I took the 10-day I would usually only talk to a few people and drink. This time I didn’t drink at all and was talking to everyone and introducing people to one another. It was an amazing time. I even reconnected with a girl I had gone out with in the past and we’re going to karaoke next Sunday

    The second night we went out I put into practice the sacred hour and just started to talk to people wherever we went. I felt so much in state it was amazing. I got a phone number from a cute girl at a bar and I went out with her Thursday. The last night I went out, I made it a purpose to last as much as I could into the late hours of the night . I used to go home at 2 am at the latest, this time I pushed myself to go home until 4 am. It was interesting to see how girls at later times just upright approached me ( one of them I could have taken home but she was so drunk and I decided not to), in part because at those hours people are more drunk and also because I was very comfortable with myself and the body language can’t lie . Not drinking is also a huge plus to last longer and well into the night and I’m gonna continue it that way

    The few friends that knew I took the 10-day have told me that I look so different, so comfortable and at ease.

    How was all this not a huge improvement from my precious experiences in clubs. I never ever liked clubs. The few times I had fun I was very drunk. During the 7 nights we went out, I didn’t drink one drop of alcohol, talk to dozens and dozens of girls and found myself smiling in a club with music that I used to hate (I’ve even grown a bit fond of DJ Marshmallow, which played like 4 of the 7 nights). That is a massive win in my book.

    In all honesty I will not become a club guy, I’m 41 years old and I like other types of venues way better, but if for some reason I find myself in a club, I know I can have a fucking blast

    Overall I can say that I recommend this program to people that are willing to change and are open and honest with themselves. It is not an easy program as it is physically and mentally exhausting but in the end the benefits far outweigh the hardships. Personally, I’m extremely satisfied that I took it and will continue to work on myself as a lifetime ambition, but this time with a very different mindset.

  4. Oh boy, where do I even start!
    So, a little background about me, I did a 10-day way back in 2014 in Stockholm. That was really helpful for me in terms of game. I was therefore really looking forward to going through the same thing again to get a good reminder and learn some new game stuff. All I can say is that the 10-day they now do compared to mine 4 years ago is completely different. They still teach the same model, where you have normal, depth, sexual and funny conversation, but the emphasis is more on the inner game part. In fact, the majority of the days are spent on inner game which is what you actually will need when you continue down this path. Something that I noticed after my 10-day was that I knew a lot of the technical stuff and I did get laid quite a lot, but the foundation under was shaky. I was not 100% comfortable with myself and certain beliefs that I had not addressed enough during the 10-day would come up at a later point. A by-product of that was that when I had a lot to do at university or other periods of my life when I was not able to go out at all and barely had time to socialize I felt like I was back to where I started. Also, it did not matter how many girls I slept with I still did not feel good about myself.

    So, let’s delve into the actual content. I will not cover much the nights out as you can read about those in the daily Rockstar blogs.
    The first day started out with Andrew giving his welcome speech which was really awesome. If I were not excited enough before the 10-day, Andrew’s in-depth welcoming made my expectations of the program even higher. He also emphasized that you are coming for X, but Y is actually what you get. Do not get me wrong they also cover a lot of game related stuff, but you will get a lot more out of it than just the game aspect. A cool thing about this 10-day was that it was both the Rockstars and the 10-day guys together.

    We built a container with everyone in the room which basically meant like a safe place where you can be 100% honest and we also promised to not judge. Andrew then later went into depth about how the brains work which was very mind blowing for me. They also taught inner game stuff at my 10-day, but nothing like this. I had many light bulbs moments and realized that I did many of the things that Andrew mentioned. The main takeaway was just to have fun, just let it go and do not conquer as much.

    The next day we covered fun. That is something that was quite similar to my 10-day back in 2014. There are basically 7 different things that you can bring into the conversation to bring the fun. I will not mention everyone but things like Roleplays, misinterpretation, exaggeration and self-depreciation humour is some of the things that I tend to use the most in my conversations. The mission for that night was to bring the fun and practise what we went over in class. The biggest takeaway from bringing the fun was to not try and get a good reaction from others. The key here is talk about things that you find self-amusing. We were also advised to find out what really makes us laugh and use that when going out.

    The third day of the program we went over the actual model and Andrew showed us the boundaries and how to expand them. We later went over how different countries differs due to certain cultures and how they tend to fit within the model. That was really helpful. That is also something that I have noticed first hand. The humour here is totally different than what I am used to in Scandinavia. We finished the day with a talk about masculinity and how it is important to create polarity and let the girl be feminine. Also, if you are fully masculine, women will be drawn towards the masculine energy.

    The next started out with a debrief, in fact we had debriefs almost every night, but the main focus was on the 10-days students, so it was more just joining one of their groups and listening to the feedback that they received and if time they would cover some of the Rockstars. That being said, listening to their feedback was really helpful for me as well as I could relate to the majority of the things they were saying.
    After the feedback we went into another part of the model which was depth. Depth was something that I was looking forward to as I rarely use depth in my game in Scandinavia and especially not in a night club and to be honest not that much on dates either. The culture is completely different there and if I were to use too much depth in Scandinavia in a nightclub they would think I would be weird and probably have issues. Andrew took one of the Rockstar’s stories and went through the depth filters. It was insane how differently it became. It was still the same story but the impact on everyone in the seminar room was totally different. The depth component is really powerful, and I can see how using depth in my own game will lead to creating a strong connection with girls. A warning though, do not use a lot of depth on girls unless you want to have them in your life. They also mentioned a lot of captivating speakers and interviews that we should watch to get a feel for it. Amazing stuff.

    On day 5 we went over some more inner game stuff. All the stuff covered made so much sense and I actually thought to myself that I should have thought about this earlier. we also talked about being in the body rather than the mind and how we all need trust and survival. I found this day to be extremely helpful and I had several moments where I realized that I have been going about this the wrong way earlier in my life. something else that we covered was something called rackets which I realized that I have been doing my entire life. A racket is basically a foregone conclusion that we use to explain why something happened. So whenever you have a racket the first step is awareness and the second step is to talk to the person about it.

    The next day we covered body language! Body language is such a powerful thing and I have been looking forward to the instructors covering this segment since day 1. The verbal content only covers 7% of your communication with women, the rest is either tonality or body language. The instructors covered different type of sub communications like passive and active and warmth and sexual. The passive is basically just how you hold yourself. Stuff like posture, smile and if you fickle a lot with your arms. The active once are more fun and pure gold! We touched on things like proximity (how close you are standing to the girl), eye contact and touch. The mission for tonight was to practise the subcoms and escalate as much as possible to see where the actual line is. For most of us the line is way higher than what we think. We then went out to marquee which was way too crowded for my liking, but it forces you to use your subcomms since it is so loud and crowded. Not a very good night for me as I struggled to get into state.

    Day 7 was more about the 10-day students as we all sat in a circle and one by one the 10-day students got to deal with the things that were holding them back. It was a very eye-opening and draining experience. I found myself being exhausted by the end of the day. It is hard seeing a bunch of awesome guys crying, screaming and letting everything out. At the end of the day we covered bold approaches. The instructors gave loads of awesome pointers and subtle nuances that makes all the differences when going direct. The key here is to have strong eye contact as you open.

    The next day we covered the last part of the model, which was sexualization or sexual conversation. One thing that the instructors kept hammering on about was zero judgement. Zero judgement is crucial for the girls to open up and explore their fantasies. It is also important to make her feel safe and be completely normal about it. The instructors showed various ways to transition into sexual conversations. The easiest way is probably to just use humour – like joke about your tiny penis, being a virgin etc.

    The next day we covered logistics which is super important! It does not matter how good your game is if your logistics are completely fucked up. The instructors gave fantastic advice about logistics and I found myself having several light bulbs moments when looking back on previous interactions with girls. They also touched on how to lead and other awesome stuff when it comes to pull a girl. I pulled that night, which was only because of the logistical stuff that we had covered during the day! Amazing stuff.
    The last day we covered Texting! The instructors showed text messages from Venture which was really awesome. One thing is to talk about it theoretically, but actually getting to see how they do it in real life and how effective it is completely different. It is actually just an extension of what you would do in person. The instructors also had us write down some of the things we have heard about text game and they would go over everyone of them and tell us if they were valid or not.
    They also went over happiness and gave us a lot of pointers about what you should and should not do. One thing that was super important is to be aware about how you talk to yourself. Also, whenever you feel frustrated it means you are about to have a breakthrough.

    We went out again on Sunday and I really hit it off with this former bottle girl and made a super intense bubble before taking her home. Such an incredible experience. She still texts me a lot and wants me to visit her in her hometown which just goes to show how powerful this stuff can be.

    Some of you guys reading this are probably wondering about the how much time you guys will get with instructors since there are 30 guys on the program. All I can say is that they prioritize the 10-day students. We (rockstars) barely had any attention from the instructors the entire 10 days when we were out. Also, the container that we built, and all the inner game stuff is even more effective in a large group opposed to a smaller one. This 10-days covered inner game stuff that I wish I had back in 2014 when I went out to practise on my own and I would say without a doubt that I would have had a more healthy and happy game-journey if I had this tool at my disposal back in 2014.

    I also want to briefly touch on the instructors. The instructors know their stuff. Trust the process and do what they tell you and you can not go wrong. Also, Andrew is very good at teaching and put everything out in simple, understandable terms.

    If you want to not just get good at game, but be a more stable, masculine guy with less insecurities, I would highly recommend signing up for this 10-day bootcamp.

  5. 10 day review

    The 10 day programme was completely different to any other bootcamp, course or experience. For me, it involved flying across to a different continent. I’ve tried to write this in a way that answers the questions that I had when I eventually signed up for it.

    How does the course work?
    It is a very deep course; although it is outwardly about pick up, it became very clear that the success or otherwise with women has very little to do with the women themselves, and everything to do with us; our masculinity, our deep beliefs and our inner confidence. The course itself is to help us all heal from our past traumas, and build a life which brings fulfilment and a warm, exciting energy. There is no trickery or routines which are designed to con a woman into being with you; it is all about self development, with women being a side effect of building a fun and stable lifestyle.

    You could split it up into two components, which are “outer game” and “inner game”. Outer game relates to approaches, talking, flirting and that sort of thing which is what most people think of when thinking about the pickup industry. Inner game is about your own depth, experiences and the place that this comes from. Most of us want to meet a girl and therefore attach our value to her; one of the instructors put it quite well when they accurately described our internal version of pickup as “what can I say to make this person like me?”. The thing about people who are naturally good with women is that it isn’t really about women at all; they are naturally good at life and come from a place of abundance which simply attracts everyone. They don’t spend their days worrying about whether they are popular; they just do what they do and its magnetic to everyone around them. This programme is really about opening both doors and developing both outer game and inner game, prioritizing inner game because it is absolutely fundamental.

    What happens on the course?
    Broadly speaking, the programme comprises seminars and field work; the classroom theory based sessions take place from 1400-1900 and the field work (i.e. going out). Some discuss outer game, but most of it is inner game, and includes debriefs from the previous night. The thing is that everyone learns from everyone else; being around the instructors is an excellent way to develop.

    The classroom work is interactive and primarily theoretical, but do not confuse it with school. It is about providing clean information which you can relate to, probably challenging a few of your existing beliefs. You will form a very close bond with the others on the course, and share a lot with them. There were a number of times that Sterling (in particular) made statements that I felt applied to me (e.g. trying to impress – “what can I say to make that girl like me?”) and he wasn’t aiming it at me; he just knew that everyone in the group had an identical feeling, and each of us believed that we were the only one that felt it. The classroom theory essentially comprised facts and substance for us to fall back on, but they were not facts to learn – they were bits and pieces to help us understand. These sessions were not all desk based; they included a lot of introspection, some exercises based on meditation and discussions that went deep into our core. One of the strongest, most muscly guys was crying – as we all were – and everyone offered nothing but support and understanding.

    The field work was demanding, difficult and necessary. It involved pushing us outside our comfort zones, trying things out to build reference experiences, with everyone else there as a safety net for each other. We were our own safety net, giving us the opportunity to try new things and push ourselves in ways that we had not before. Teaching us to have fun and be natural outside our comfort zone is something that can’t be taught, yet they taught it.

    This course is not ‘textbook’ information which you could google for. It is really a collection of experiences, but tailored to the group in a very natural way. I do not believe that you could watch a video of it and get anywhere near the same content from it. You need to feel it.

    Something that really struck me with this course is the place that it comes from. Sterling and the instructors are truly genuine, and what they teach is really more about opening doors and letting everyone evolve. They made a claim early on which did not truly resonate with me until afterwards, which was that “if women saw the course, they would think that more men needed to do it. Not that this is a dirty trick”. After having done it, I can see that. There is nothing there about trying to deceive women, tricking them or being in some way underhand or deceptive. You don’t learn facts in the same way you learn facts on a technical training course. You get reference experiences, with a support network to help you through it. Your experiences are your own and nobody can take them away or interfere with them.

    You very quickly realise that you aren't alone. I mean that. This course was filled with guys of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Everyone there is successful and financially stable. Some were muscly, some were thin, some were short, some were tall, some looked attractive and some didn't. These things made a difference - to a point - but not in the big scheme of things. The fact that every excuse I made for myself (not rich enough, not tall enough, not physically attractive enough, not tanned enough, receeding hairline etc) was represented in that group taught me that these excuses were just excuses. Being taller wouldn't have suddenly made me attractive to every girl, and being shorter wouldn't have harmed my chances. It was mainly about my own energy which is independent of money, skills, languages, physical attributes and all the other stuff that we all hide behind. Reading this won't convince you - and nor should it. You'll need to figure this out and come to this conclusion yourself, without bias. That's one of the things the course offers you.

    There are no tricks, no games and nothing underhand. It is all done completely sober. You don't try to get the girl drunk (in fact, you actively avoid it); this is about being genuine with an inviting energy, coming from a place of abundance, a place of fun and a place of giving. You can have such an amazing time (I had snapshots of it, at times), and that energy invites people in to you. Being a great, genuine person is so much more fulfilling than managing to get a drunk girl through rehearsed lines, and then being particularly fearful that you've somehow cheated life in order to get her and then be worried that you might lose her even though you never had her.

    What are the instructors like?
    The interesting thing about the course instructors is that they have all been through the same process. Sterling has an innate ability to be able to accurately articulate exactly what you are feeling and thinking, probably because he has felt it too in the past, which gives them a tremendous amount of credibility. Each of the instructors has their own style and perspective, and each one taught me something different based on their own journey.

    Each of them have their own style, with some resonating particularly well. It is important to work with all of them because each has their own natural personality which will bring out a different part of you. They each push you in their own way, and together they form a very balanced training team.

    Is it worth it & would you do it again?
    Yes, in a heartbeat. It is worth it because you get something from it that cannot be written down or described. It’s a perspective that each one of us had to derive for ourselves.

    Any misconceptions/negatives?
    10 days isn’t really long enough, although Sterling and the instructors were clear at the start that this is really a 2 year programme, with the 10 days being just the beginning. The 10 day course is really about opening doors and inviting each of us to see ourselves in a new way; everyone will improve, but it isn’t a machine in which you insert people in one end with a completely different person coming out the other end that women just fall at the feet of for no reason.

    You get out what you put in to it, and its on you to do that. You can’t expect to turn up to a session like this and be dragged along; for example, if you go out but don’t do the exercises, you won’t get the same benefit. However, you will learn a lot simply by being around the instructors anyway. If you aren’t willing or able to actually take the risks and go out of your comfort zone (and it is really hard), then you’ll progress more slowly.

    I have a long journey ahead of me. I didn’t end up bringing a girl back to my room all week, but I did genuinely have fun. I came out of this being far more comfortable being around people – and women – and simply having fun, learning and pushing my own boundaries along the way. If you are looking for a quick pickup training course where you learn lines and scripts, you should find a different course – but even after having learnt them, you won’t be coming from a genuine place.
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  6. Ten day Vegas review

    The lead instructor began the ten day with the line “This is going to be the biggest bate and switch you ever experience. You come expecting one thing, and you get something completely different.” What he meant by this was that most people sign up for the ten day simply looking for help with women. And while there are many boot camps, courses and online materials out there which tell you the right things to say and the right moves to make, these only handle the superficial side of things. The reality is that almost every guy who has issues connecting with women has internal issues that need to be addressed or any external work will be a facade that will ultimately be seen through. It is these internal issues that the ten day focuses on, through a unique collection of techniques that the lead instructors have gathered from years of personal development. This program is extremely well rounded due to the experience of the instructors. Between them they have been through basically every personal development program or seminar available. By picking the best parts they have put together something which has potential to transform the lives of participants if they commit fully to it.

    One of the first things we did as a group was set rules for the “container”. We agreed on principles such as non-judgement, honesty and compassion in order to make everyone comfortable and facilitate the deep work which lay ahead. That night we participated in a circle of vulnerability during which everybody shared experiences and issues, mostly from childhood, which had affected the way they interact with the world. People’s issues ranged from physical and emotional abuse from parents, through guilt from a religious upbringing, to childhood bullying and many others. Many tears were shed and at the end of the circle (which lasted a long time) you could feel the bond amongst the group had strengthened a lot. This was in spite of the fact that a couple of days prior, we were all complete strangers. This foundation of trust and understanding fostered by the circle helped us work through our issues in the following ten days.

    The first 4 days focus on the “outer game” aspect. This means the basic communication skills which are required in order to interact with women (or men for that matter). We learned about different types of conversation you can have and how the boundaries of these conversations can open up as the woman you are talking to becomes more comfortable. The first night’s exercise was to simply go out and have very boring dry normal conversations. We were to just go up to women, introduce ourselves and speak pretty monotone about very mundane topics with zero agenda about hitting on them or anything else. The result of this was pretty interesting. The women ended up staying and engaging in the conversations far longer than one would expect. They could sense that we had no agenda the way most guys do when they talk to a girl in a night club. We didn’t want anything from them. In fact, often I was hoping they would walk away because the conversation was so boring for me, but they would stick around and listen to my boring monologue about something trivial or mundane. This taught the group a few lessons. Firstly, it’s not that difficult to approach and hold a conversation with a girl in a nightclub. In fact, very often they want to talk - people go out to socialise after all. Secondly, it showed the difference in reaction when you come from a place not wanting something compared to when you approach a girl with the idea that you want something from her (sex, validation etc).

    The next thing which we added to the mix was the idea of bringing fun to the nightclub. If you are genuinely enjoying a nightclub and having fun, your energy and vibe will be attractive and people will want to interact with you. We were talk a very simple technique which helps get into a fun sociable state called “the sacred hour” or “the golden hour”. It involves talking to every single person you see for an hour in short 20-30 second interactions until you get to a place where you feel extremely sociable. This felt weird at first but upon seeing the results I can say that I am committed to following this process every time I go out. After doing it for around 30 minutes it became second nature to talk to everyone and I felt incredibly at ease in the nightclub. Silly dancing on the dance floor also helped elevate my state. This was a novel experience for me - I’ve never really enjoyed nightclubs in the past. For me they were simply a place to continue getting shitfaced in once the bars had shut. To suddenly be in them having an awesome time stone cold sober was something I did not expect to happen without a lot of hard work - and it ended up happening on the second night. We went to the nightclub Hakkasan and saw Tiesto. Just as I have never enjoyed a nightclub in my 29 years on this earth, so too electronic music was something I was confused how other people could possibly like. And yet I found myself in the middle of the dance floor in an almost meditative state loving the feeling of Tiesto’s beats coursing through my body and feeling totally at ease and free from stress.

    There was another factor which undoubtedly contributed to my new found appreciation for electronic music that night. We did a holotropic breathing exercise (similar to Wim Hoff) which made me feel extremely in my body (as opposed to in my logical mind where I spend most of my time). I have no doubt that this was crucial to me really feeling the music and energy of the room in a nightclub for the first time in my life. I’m so glad I experienced this, it felt like a whole new world was opened up to me. The breathing exercise itself consisted of taking very fast breathes through our mouths in a way that imitates hyperventilation. We had to first fill our belly with air, then our chests and then visualise ourselves breathing out through our hands. It’s a bizarre thing to be doing in a room with 30 other guys but after 4 rounds it had a very profound effect on me. I suddenly felt an immense sense of sadness rise to the surface of my consciousness. I started crying hysterically at the sadness I have been feeling in my life, in particular for the last year. While it might sound unpleasant, it actually felt extremely cathartic. I am someone who hides and represses my emotions frequently in order not to experience pain. Feeling this pain was a strangely liberating sensation and as I cry I felt the sadness release slightly. I was so lost in the sadness and crying that I didn’t hear the instructor tell us to sit up and take off our eye masks. One of them had to come over and stir me from my crying. The fact that I didn’t feel at all ashamed about crying in front of this group of men is a testament to how unique a bond had been created amongst the group of men in the room. After releasing the sadness I felt a lot lighter and very in touch with my body. I think that’s what allowed me to enjoy the music so much that night at Hakkasan.

    The next few days we expanded our set of tools from just being fun to being more direct and bold and expressing our intent in an authentic way. This was supposed to make our conversations go more in the direction of man and women rather than boy and girl which they had been the night before. I have never been particularly comfortable with this so it was naturally something I struggled with a lot more than the “bring the fun” aspect. The reality is that so long as this bold intent comes from a good place then girls will welcome your candour, even if they do not reciprocate your interest. The distinction between where your intentions come from is really fundamental to the entire ethos of the ten day. If you come from a place of “taking”, women (and anyone else you interact with in this mindset) will have a negative experience with you. It’s analogous to when a salesperson is talking to you and you can feel how much they want something from you (in that case your money). It’s an uncomfortable sensation and most peoples instinct is to distance themselves from them as much as possible. Compare that experience to meeting someone with magnetic charisma; someone who is charming, energetic, funny or extremely interesting and yet does not have an expectation of anything in return (be it money, sex, validation or whatever). They are “givers”. They improve people’s experience in the world. The goal of the ten day is to turn you into that kind of person and remove the insecure part of you which desperately wants to take from the world. The key to this is having an abundance mindset; realising that there are more than enough resources for everyone and that there is no need to view anything as scarce. I initially had some intellectual issues with this as I do not believe that wealth, power or talent are distributed in such a way that they are abundant for everyone. What I came to realise over the course of the ten day is that what is important is that they are absolutely in abundance for me. I am incredibly blessed in so many ways and yet until the ten day I was in denial about this and still wanting to “take” from the world in order to try to make myself happy.

    As the week continued the lead instructor worked with the ten day students to deal with the internal problems which had stymied their personal growth and self confidence in the past. Many of the cases related to their relationships with their parents but there were also various other factors which had lead them to repress their emotions and in particular their masculinity. Repressed anger was used as a shortcut to tap into this repressed masculinity and those of us watching could see palpable changes in the posture and energy of those who released serious trauma. As a part of Project Rockstar, my own personal intervention didn’t happen until after the ten day was over, but I learned a huge amount from watching the ten day students go through theirs. It showed me that while we think we all have unique problems, the truth is that we are actually all very similar. People from totally different parts of the world can suffer from the same root issues and learn from one another during the healing process. The final weekend felt a bit like a celebration for the ten day guys. They had all come so far and had a totally different energy compared to their first night out in the club ten days previous. This growth was great to see and the instructors gave them tools to continue to grow moving forward.

    As a part of Project Rockstar it’s difficult for me to comment on how smoothly the post bootcamp integration has gone for the ten day guys. What I can say with confidence is that the difference between the guys who I met on day 1 of the bootcamp and the final night out on day 10 was incredible. Guys who had seemed to have the weight of the world on their shoulders suddenly were having a blast in a nightclub environment and no longer looked awkward or unhappy. From a personal point of view I went from someone who hated nightclubs to someone who was looking forward to going out every night to have fun, meet new people and (to my huge surprise) enjoy electronic music. What sets this program apart is that this was a result of deep internal work, not a facade cultivated in order to trick the world. This is so different from the majority of programs out there and I believe it really hits the heart of the bullseye when it comes to personal development. One exciting thing about the ten day is how much it is constantly improving. The lead instructors are constantly taking new programs and integrating the best parts into the ten day. In that sense the ten day is a bargain: you are getting ten years of personal development with the fluff filtered out for a fraction of the price of taking all the programs individually. Like a lot of things in life, what you get out of this program will ultimately depend on what you put in. It’s not for everyone. But if you are ready to let go, be vulnerable and open yourself up for real change then it has the potential to totally transform your life.

  7. #17

    Ten Day Testimonial

    The Ten day program was a mission in helping men heal. It’s not easy to find programs like these where men can come together and discuss their fears but also learn game. The 10 day addresses the inner game and the outer game. The first 4 days address the outer game, ie, communication skills, masculinity and the like. After that it starts the inner game and addresses deeper feelings, unresolved anger and fears. It starts with making a container and sealing it. The “container” is an environment that allows the group to grow and learn from each other. It contains everyone in the program and is fed by the energy in the room. The container has rules such as: nonjudgmental, trust, support, discretion, being genuine, honesty.

    The program starts with a description of the mind and how it is always trying to keep us safe. That one of the main objectives of the mind is to keep us safe. This is one of the things that prevents us from approaching women. The fear of rejection is one of the mind’s greatest fears. It is almost like death in some of our minds. Because this fear is so strong, the mind tries to prevent any type of social rejection from women. Usually this amounts to simply not approaching at all. This can lead to isolation and loneliness. It has in my case that’s for sure.

    The program also offers an explanation of what women and men do when they go out to clubs. Women tend to go out to have fun and are attracted to positive energy. Men tend to go out to meet women. So things two things clash and often lead to disappointment for women and men. Men are there to conquer or to “score”. Women are there for fun. The program offers an alternative to this. That men should also go out to have fun, create a positive energy, and women will be attracted to this energy. This opens up a space where good things can happen. With the old way, men are trying to conquer these women. This come from a ‘taking’ attitude. With the alternative, you are actually giving. You are coming from a positive place and actually giving positive energy and fun. So instead of trying to take from the girl by scoring with her, you are actually giving her your positive energy and fun and adding to her experience. The conquering mentality can work, but eventually people run out of steam. I know I did. It’s exhausting cuz if you go out to score and you don’t, then you are left disappointed.

    The first night we went out after learning these things was interesting. We did an exercise where we just talked to girls about boring topics. The objective was to be as boring as possible and keep being boring until the girls walked away. Wow, what an eye opener!!! We went to the bar XS in Las Vegas. I immediately started approaching women and started talking to them as blandly as possible. It was amazing! No one left!!!! It was actually difficult to get girls to walk away from you. It was actually really funny. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to get someone to walk away from you when approaching. Surprisingly I wasn’t even nervous. I found the whole thing kinda fun. Like I said, totally eye opening.

    The next day we talked about being in your body vs being in your mind. This was a completely new concept to me. Again….. mind blowing, eye opening, whatever metaphor you want to use. It discussed how women are able to get into their body much more easily than men. Whenever I’ve been in a nightclub in the past I’ve always been in my head. Standing up against a wall, holding a beer, and wondering just WTF I’m doing here. I was always in my head. The lesson discussed how to get into your body. It also discussed flirting and how to be funny and the different categories of flirting and humor. Again, this was mind blowing stuff guys. Stuff I’ve never heard before but made total sense. It also discussed the sacred hour about getting into your body and out of your head. The sacred hour (or however long it takes) is about doing many short, funny interactions to get yourself into a state of mind (or body) where you can approach women easily and from a good, energetic place. It made complete sense and I wish I had learnt this stuff years ago. Crazy. We went out that night and practiced some of these things. It was hard to do at first, will definitely take some practice. The idea is to get all the concepts and practice them as we go on.

    The next day we went over types of conversation. Normal, deeper, romantic, sexual. I mentioned conflict and everyone laughed, I was actually being serious. There’s conflict in any relationship. Maybe they included that under ‘deep’ conversation. I dunno. Anyway, we went over the most conversations need all of these and you need to go in and out of all of them to keep someone interested. Only doing funny banter all the time will burn someone out. Only doing deep, intense conversations will burn someone out. Only being sexual will burn out. You get the idea. The goal is to move between all of these seamlessly to keep things going with someone and to escalate sexually. Makes sense. We also discussed masculinity and how it attracts women. I liked this cuz masculinity seems like it is so toxic nowadays. You hear the term ‘toxic masculinity’ and it’s such bullshit. Women are allowed to be feminine but if men are masculine it’s somehow toxic? WTF. It discussed how when masculine energy is there then the feminine energy will allow itself to open up and is always checking if the masculine energy is there. Making the woman feel safe is a big part of that.

    The next day we discussed the other type of conversation, ie, body language. We discussed passive and active subcommunications. We also delved into sexuality and sexual conversation. We also went into depth and how to use it to draw the girl in. The goal was to reinforce how to oscillate between all the different types of languages and subcoms and conversation types. It was very helpful but definitely takes a lot of practice and going out there and doing it.

    The 2nd half of the program focused inwards. First we discussed “rackets” that we have against one another. A racket is a belief that may or may not be true. Landmark defines rackets as “something happens with someone, and you are the judge, jury and executioner without taking them to court”. We all have them and we even have them within ourselves. They can be damaging to any relationship. And sometimes they may be proven right. Most people don’t like confrontation so we just go along with the rackets and let them fester. That’s often the worst thing we can do but we all do it.

    Towards the end of the program we went thru some different interventions to help people release their anger or their masculinity or their frustration. We also discussed how mental conditioning is necessary to keep the door open and continue any changes that have occurred after releasing any inner demons. Personally I find this part very important and want to practice it for life. The outer game stuff attracted me to the program, the inner game stuff if why I decided to sign up. The interventions simply opened the door but weren’t meant to be a lifelong fix. The daily conditioning over time, over weeks and months and years is where and when the inner game takes place. We got a talk from one of the previous Rockstars and he went over his daily mental conditioning routine which was very in dept and he was extremely disciplined about it. One of the most disciplined I’d ever seen or heard of. I hope to be able to bring this same discipline to my life and my mental conditioning as well. The talk was excellent and inspiring.

    Other things we covered were texting and logistics. The logistics was more about getting the girl out of the club and home and removing all obstacles. Certainly made a lot of sense. I don’t plan on doing a whole lot of that at my age but it was still good info. I did take a girl home but I cant remember if it was during the first ten days or not. The logistics were easy cuz the she was staying at the same hotel that the club was located. It couldn’t have been easier. We walked out of the club and thru the casino and straight to the elevators and up to her room. Took about 5 minutes. The biggest logistical problem I encountered was when I couldn’t find the exit of the club immediately and walked in a circle before we left. Then I asked one of the bouncers/ushers or whatever they are, and he pointed me in the right direction. Twas easy after that.

    The texting was common sense stuff that I wish I knew earlier in my life. It basically said that you need to mirror a convo and have all the same dynamics and oscillate between all of them, ie, fun/flirty, depth, sexual, normal. How simple is that??? Made me realize some of the stupid stuff I was doing wrong for so long. Jeez. No point in kicking myself now though.

    Anyway, that’s an overview of the 10 day. Outer game, inner game, mental conditioning for long term, texting, logistics. The biggest take away is that when you go out, the only goal should be to have fun. Fun creates a positive energy and a positive vibe. That will attract women. That, in turn, opens a space where good things can happen. To have fun you have to be able to get out of your head and into your body. One of the other biggest nuggets of wisdom I heard was that a club produces a lot of energy. You either absorb and become part of that energy or it pushes you out. So true. For years I was pushed out by that energy. During the 10 day course I was, at times, able to finally become part of that energy and have fun in it. That was a first for me. I never understood what people were doing there and how they could be enjoying themselves (unless they were on drugs). Now I get it. It was explained to me and now I understand. I cant necessarily always become the energy every time, but I now know that in order to have fun that is what I need to do.

    For someone who never understood nightclubs and never understood how to talk to girl in clubs, this is a great course. It explains and breaks down the nightclub culture for you and gives you exercises to thrive in them. It takes practice, of course, all things do. But it gives you a foundation and lays a path that you can follow if you wish to continue your journey in that culture. The foundation laid can also be applied to other areas of your life such as day game, weddings, parties, etc. it’s a great way to open yourself up to something new and grow as a person. More than a workshop on game, I would consider this to be a personal development course. The lessons I learnt have improved my life permanently.

  8. 10Day guy review

    Key elements to this program:
    The emphasis is on you having fun being your authentic self.
    Focused on your inner game.
    Its intense.
    You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll make friends, you’ll meet and talk to a bunch of girls.

    I first heard about project rockstar a few years back, but did not apply because I felt it was too terrifying and way out of my comfort zone at the time. I also felt it was too much focused on outer game stuff, learning tricks to attract instead of learning how to be attractive by being your own authentic self. When I learned that this could potentially be the last round of project rockstar, and that they had changed it up to be more focused on inner game, I decided to give it a try and wrote the application.
    I was not eligible for project rockstar this time around because they felt that I was still early on in my journey. I appreciate their honesty, and I now understand why they said that. Never having done a bootcamp in the past, this was my first ever bootcamp. And with my background I struggled to make connections and build relations with the people in the group, and with making conversations when approaching anyone in nightclubs.
    I have struggled with social anxiety for the most part of my life and never really learned how to form connections and relationships with both men and women. I would be the guy providing facts. If I was not 100% sure that what I said was correct, i’d keep my mouth shut. I have worked a lot to reduce my social anxiety which in the end has allowed me to do a bootcamp such as this.

    The Program
    This program is intense. There’s little room to be to yourself. Which is actually a good thing because you won’t have time for your bad habits. During the program I averaged 5-6 hours of sleep. I would wake up around 11-12pm, eat breakfast and chat with the guys before leaving for the seminar which started around 2pm and lasted till 8pm. Then two hours of free time to get ready for a night out. This bootcamp is special since its the beginning of the rockstar program, which means we’re going out more nights, every night except one. Being there with the rockstars and the alumni is a great thing. Hearing all their stories, and everyone is openly sharing what they learn and experience throughout the program. You learn from the instructors and you also learn from your fellow students.
    The instructors are great people who really wants to help you and see you progress. They have gone through the same things that you’re going through. They will be honest with you and give you feedback as needed.

    The program has two components to it, inner -and outer game. I came mostly for the inner game, and was pleasantly surprised by the content of this part. I did not expect it to be so in-depth. I imagine this continued even deeper during the next weeks for the rockstars.
    During the first half of the program we did some breathing exercises, holotropic breathing, leading up to an event called intervention. It’s facilitated by Andrew, it may be similar to guided meditation. This was something everyone had to go through, sitting in the hot seat in front of the whole group. Watching everyone else doing it I flipped between, “I want to be next” to “I don’t want to do this”. I feared that it wouldn’t work on me, but the intervention was an experience in itself.
    After my own intervention I felt more at peace in my own body than I can ever remember. I thought I was at peace in my body before entering the program. This feeling was a deeper sense of peace and comfort in my own skin. I also noticed that I was more eager to strike up conversations afterwards.
    During the intervention a scene came up that I had forgotten, subconsciously for a good reason I’m sure. I was ten years old and was being laughed at for having stated a fact wrong, which lead to me feeling stupid and embarrassed. Releasing the stuck emotions is different for everyone. For me it was shouting, crying and more shouting.

    The outer game part of the program I think people who have done other bootcamps will find familiar.
    The power of this program is the combination of the two parts, together with the container. The container is the group, which consists of the rockstars, 10Day guys, alumni and instructors.
    I could feel the heaviness of the group release and lighten as the week progressed.

    The main goal is to learn how to have fun being you. To go into interactions with no expectations as to what the outcome will be. Say and do things in interactions that you find to be funny, not what you think might be funny to the other persons in the interactions. Bring fun and have a mindset of giving.

    You get out of the program what you give into it.

    One thing that I did miss from the outer game part of the program was how to set up dating app profiles. What to write, what photos to use and stuff like that.

    The Nights Out
    We’d be at the club around 10:30 pm going on till 4pm. Usually we’d have an exercise or two for the night based on what was taught during seminar that day. We’d be put in different groups with different instructors each night. They will push you to get out of your comfort zone, and show you by example as needed.
    The night’s out were stressful, but fun when I could get out of my head.

    I approached more girls during this 10Day than I have in my whole life, and I had a good amount of great interactions during the week, actually having fun in a night club sober.

    First Week After
    At the end of the 10Day I wanted to continue, I did not want to go back home to my lonely boring lifestyle. I feared that I would go back and get stuck in my old habits. Which is exactly what happened. I felt like crap coming home to my boring life after the bootcamp. I went straight into old behaviours. However, something was different. I was frustrated about it. Before I was content and indifferent about my life. Now I could sense a growing frustration, and the word agency looming at the back of my mind. I have a lot of stuff to figure out still.

    Third Week After
    I am more open with my friends and family. I only told people that I was going to Las Vegas before the 10Day, not what I was going there for. Now, when they ask me about my trip to Las Vegas I share with them openly.
    My texting has improved. They are more fun for me and the people I text with.

    I have enrolled in a voice coaching program lasting three months beginning tomorrow. One thing that constantly got pointed out to me during seminar and on nights out, was how everyone could not hear what I said or they would answer something totally unexpected because they had misinterpreted my question. Which can be quite fun sometimes, actually.. I could see my fellow students moving in closer to try and hear what I said. For me it felt like I was yelling when I tried to speak up. I became very self conscious about this and I think it affected me during the program. “Why bother approaching and talking if they can’t hear me?”.
    I’ve enrolled in a self development program where I live to do more inner game and self discovery work.

    This is day 36 of a two year journey of 730 days. I can’t expect to transform from a non-social guy to a social superstar over ten days.
    My lifestyle after to the 10Day is still the same after the 10Day. I don’t feel that much different now than before, it will take time to change my default behaviour in the different contexts in my daily life. Which I realize is not going to be easy. Our mind likes to be safe, and the autopilot is working on overdrive.

    The 10Day is really just the beginning for me. I don’t know the benefits for me long term. I’ve received the teachings and I’m now faced with how to implement the teachings and experiences in my day to day life to continuously grow over time. Something has to change, will I be able to do the work necessary on my own?

    Whoever you are. If you’re thinking about doing this program and you feel inside you that this is something for you. Go for it. Wherever you are on your journey you will experience growth and make some new realizations about yourself. And of course meet some amazing new people.

  9. #19

    This is the experience of the 10-day program provided by the Project Rockstar team, taken as part of the first 10 days of the full Project Rockstar program during August 2018, from the point of view of a thirty-one year old Australian male, who is completely new to the ‘pick up’ scene, having never attended any other programs, watched any youtube videos, or read any blog posts before attending this program apart from reading ‘The Game’ back in the day maybe six years ago or so.

    How did I come to being here? A little context might be helpful for someone in similar shoes to relate to my particular story. I had always known about ‘game’, and I had always known that I had none of it whatsoever, and had gone from relationship to relationship, enjoying the company of the next girl I managed to drunkenly hook up with for an extended period of time until it turned into something serious, as well as avoiding the anxiety of becoming single again and having to face my fear of having to attract a new female partner. They were all amazing women, and I thoroughly enjoyed each relationship, but I always wondered if I was in them for the right reason, and I knew I didn’t have an abundance of choice of women going into those relationships. I always knew if I committed to any of those girls long term it would always weigh over my head that there was a possibility I only ended up with them because I was too scared to see what else was out there. I felt weak as a man, and I felt like my women deserved more from me. I felt like my woman deserved to know that I if I wanted to I could have any woman in the world, but I had chosen her. I wanted her to feel that special, and to love her completely, with nothing held back, and I knew I wasn’t able to give them that love as long as I doubted myself and my real motives for being in a relationship.
    One summer I found myself single as I had chickened out of committing to the previous girlfriend across the international borders put in place by her Visa ending. I knew if I chased her around the world that I would be with her for a long time, too scared to break it off if I wanted to, and that scared the shit out of me. She was a great girl, the sex was good, I found her sexy funny and fun, but as new years eve approached and I calculated the last possible plane I would have to board to spend it with her the clock ticked by… I had packed my bag, was ready to go as I knew that’s what I really wanted, but I couldn’t bring myself to go to the airport and I felt absolutely horrible and torn about why I was too scared to do this.

    During the next week I happened to catch up with a business friend from an online business club, and he could tell I was a bit down. I explained who I was thinking about, and my predicament about hating being single, and he told me I should apply for a program that he had done a couple years prior that helped him change from being who I was currently was to being confident in himself and with women. It sounded like exactly what I needed and I was all about the intensive live-in environment to really crush the skills that I had been putting off learning all this time through trial and error. It helped that I knew I could trust his recommendation as he was also a member of my business club, and due to the nature of that whatever he was into, most likely I was also into. It’s just how the members of our business club fall - we all have the same values and are basically copies of each other from around the world.

    So day 1, here I was, on the other side of the world in Las Vegas, turning up to a mansion shit scared about what I might have to do later that night, facing what had been my biggest fear and feeling of inadequacy in my life so far. I bundled into the classroom and sat with a bunch of varied dudes, both looks, race, age, and religions, and listened to our first day of speeches, which were really cool in the way they explained the core fundamental belief changes that underpin why and how we acted like we currently did, and how we can change that by changing our core beliefs rather than “do this and say this”. I really liked that.

    The first day’s seminar takeaway for me was that most people go out to clubs to have fun, whereas I used to go out to “take fun” and “take” other aspects of the night, instead of giving fun to the night..

    Our lessons when going out was to for the first half of the night approach as many girls as possible and deliberately have dry conversation until they blow us out, and surrender into that rejection. And then for the second half of the night just be social to absolutely everyone and give fun energy. Let Go.

    It was a very supportive environment. Everyone was nervous of course, but I felt supported by the other attendees, the ample instructors, and the activities were simple enough on the first night, that it was actually fun. That’s right - the first time I had actually had fun in a nightclub sober! I actually had so much fun that the night ended with me getting set up with a girl by a few girls I was having fun with and taking their friend home! I had pulled maybe 3 one night stands from a night club before in my life, but I was seriously surprised for it to happen on day one of the program. Either way, even if I hadn’t have, actually enjoying the night out sober was such a huge win I was impressed there could be such a fundamental change in attitude and experience just from the mental approach we could take to going out and interacting with people.

    The next few days’ seminar times revolved around reviewing the night before, and learning about the process to ‘get into state’ which is basically the same mental state of out of your head and into your body that people drink alcohol, take drugs, and do flow sports like surfing to achieve. It’s insane that you can achieve the same thing through a social and mental process of having fun. Achieving this state is the basis of their ‘outer game’ curriculum, and then the instructors took the next few days to explain the different elements that are needed to round out social interactions that end up in both you and the girl having an awesome time, ‘creating a bubble’ around each other, and having a little one-night romance story that ends in you taking her home for a night of fun together that the girl actually usually thanks you for creating and leading her through.

    The elements covered are the different ‘modes’ of conversation; (normal/ deep/ flirting & sexual), body language and sub-communications, masculinity, and then logistics of leaving the club and how to actually keep the momentum going all the way home to bed. Super interesting stuff, and what I liked about all of it the best was it came from a non-scummy, really awesome authentic place of creating , which is really important to me as I had a few hang-ups about the ‘bro-scene’ and general bad taste the pick-up scene projects and seems to have. I don’t actually have any experience in it previously, but from reading ‘The Game’ and also hearing other dudes talk about it and hearing a few things here and there, I was hesitant but curious going into the program to see how the information was going to be presented. I would be proud for anyone to ‘use’ what they had learnt on this program with one of my sisters for example, as it’s just teaching men how to be awesome men, and lead a woman through the exciting night that she secretly wants to have with a man who’s able to provide that for her.

    A really critical part of how they teach the information is that it is taught in small chunks each day, and then that particular lesson learnt that day is practised and ‘felt’ in the night club each night until by the end of the week you have all the needed pieces to round out everything. Whether or not you get any success on the 10-day program is not critical, and the instructors are very confident they teach you the fundamental skills needed to go and practise on your own afterwards. It’s only a matter of time of practising each skill and putting them all together that you will ‘get it’ and see some success. It’s a much more methodical way of understanding all the needed pillars rather than learning ‘lines’ or ‘tricks’ from youtube, or a weekend event, you would simply not have enough time and space to practise each element in a way needed to understand and put it together completely.

    Having said all of this, the second half of the week during the days is completely focussed on ‘inner game’ and THIS is the ‘magic’ that is worth going to the 10-day program alone to experience, whether you are interested in picking up women, or just becoming a better human being, being happier in life, and enjoying all social interactions more. Without tackling the ‘inner game’ part, none of the outer game part is useful at all, and it’s quite apparent that all the guys who had attended previous events or training programs were lacking this part which is why they were continuing to attend more programs without success. The ‘inner game’ part is not something that can be learnt online, or from a book, it’s a process of having your own emotions and how you feel about yourself laid out in front of you, and guided through the experience of deeply feeling your inner self and confronting things that sometimes the students such as myself were not even aware we needed to confront. For myself, I found out that I had been not letting myself feel anger, which in turn was cutting off joy and love from the top end of my emotional experiences. It is why I had started to be described as not often happy, and was the deep reason I was not happy and proud of who I was, even though I wasn’t consciously aware of this maybe. During the process I learnt to love myself fully, which sounds so airy-fairy, and I wouldn’t have understood how important this was before having experienced it myself, so take this part of my review with the trust that is needed to know this is a really important part of the process and is 100% the difference between ‘only learning outer game’ and being an attractive male presence, regardless of what you look and dress like. Think of combining Tony Robbins-style inner-work (except it’s not Tony Robbins stuff) with the foundational mechanics of social interactions, and by the end of the 10-days everyone is a dramatically different social person.

    I am very grateful that somewhat by chance I entered the ‘pick-up’ scene into Project Rockstar, and not any other program, and I even feel like I didn’t ‘enter the pickup scene’ at all, I simply learnt how to be the best version of myself, and realised through reference experiences that this is inherently attractive to females. If you think you’re a different case than me, rest assured there was every type of male in the program and everyone saw the same realisations. Every man should get the chance to learn these skills, and women would love men way more in general. Thanks to all the Project Rockstar team for the experience, I’m very grateful, and will be highly recommending it to my peers and men in my life that I care about. Cheers

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