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    I saw a decent 5 with headphones walking by. I walk near her left side and I approach with a smile on my face (I didn't stopped the girl I just walked near her, also while I did the opener she looked into my eyes and saw that she had blue eyes, which is a bit of a turn on for me). I told her:
    "Excuse me, Hi, I just saw you earlier and you caught my attention so I had to come and introduce myself!"
    I put my hand in front of her in order to shake her's and tell her my name but she didn't took my hand. She hesitated and looked straight ahead and told me:
    X:I don't do this!
    I gently pulled my hand back and asked:
    Y:Why not?
    X:I don't meet people on the street, it's weird and strange. (SHITTEST?!)
    Y:So how should I do it then to not make it strange and weird.
    X:Sorry, I really think it's weird, I'll go!
    Y:Ok, whatever!

    Is that a shittest? If so how should I manage it ?!
    I don't have the balls yet to go in front and stop a girl on the street especially when it's crowded.
    Do you think is more efficient to just stop her instead of walking side by side?

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    No man it's not a shit test.

    She thought it was weird so she told you it was weird. It's nothing at all to do with you or her trying some fancy test.

    Don't worry about it. Most approaches are going to result in rejections of various kinds, it's normal.

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