Impact statements

I've hit a plateau and would like some advice. My approach anxiety is mostly gone. But I'm not number closing, and the one time I did, she did not return my texts. What type of statements make the most impact in a short amount of time? Is it future projections?

Today, I approached a girl at my apartment complex while she was walking her dog. My opening was "I see you are getting your exercise for the day." She then said walking a dog gives her enough for the day. I genuinely thought her puppy was adorable, so I asked if I could pet it; I did and got the dogs name and breed. We then talked about how much company dogs provide but how much company they give. Introduced myself and we exchanged names.
I observed that she is probabily a transplant from another city. She laughed and said yes that she is a toxicologist and going to get her masters. Told her when I think of toxicology, I think of someone with a lab coat, safety goggles, and a mad scientist plotting to take over the world. She laughed and replied that the chemicals are slowly contributing to her madness. I laughed, hi-fived her, and said it's refreshing to meet someone with a sense of humor.

At this point, her puppy was out of control, so she said that she better go. I said yeah you better get the puppy back home. Bam. She was gone. I'm kicking myself for not pressing, but if I made more impact on her, she would have wanted to stay and talk. Any advice?