Sexy cashier babe

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    Sexy cashier babe

    So there is a store close to my work that i usually go to around lunch time to get some stuff. One day i walked in and there was a super sexy cashier babe watching me as i walked in. I noticed her following me when i entered the store. Went to her checkout counter afterwards and had some intense eye contact with her and some slight smiles.
    I know which days she works now and i really want to ask her out. Not sure how though as it is usually pretty busy around lunch and want to avoid any awkward situations. Anyone have any ideas? I thought of just slipping her a note with something like "drinks?" written on it with my number.

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    I'm not a fan of leaving notes. it suggests you don't have the confidence to ask in person. It also doesn't permit you to build attraction or qualify before asking her out. It seems a very low chance of success. Even if her "slight smile" means she's as interested as you hoped she was, it could simply mean she's waiting for you to talk to her.

    If it were me I'd go back at a less busy time. Or I'd simply keep it short & sweet and use a 3 liner-style pickup attempt.

    Don't worry about "awkward," if you're cool about it, anyone who overhears you will be more impressed than anything that you have the confidence to approach.

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    I think you could approach it a bit better way than leaving a note. Since you usually go there, for about a week you could go at a less busy time and ask her a thing or two about herself or her work while she's serving you. Do it to develop some acquaintance between you two, making it easier and smoother to ask for her number. Once you have her number you can easily ask her out on a date.

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