First number close from Day Game

Haven't posted in a while, since I wasn't making any progress. But it finally happened. Saw a girl laying out on the lawn next to the pool in my apartment complex while coming out of the front office. Walked by her and told her she looked very comfortable. She laughed. Highlights were I used a lot of cold reads and made statements about her profession, rewarded her for being a family person and for her adventurousness, and used a role play that we could sneak into the local boat races; she could be a decoy. Used a false time constraint, and asked her if she would like to meet me and some friends at a night club to dance. That's when I got the number. Finally, after 19 approaches.

Now to actually get the date.....I know to casually ping her a few times and use some call back humor. Any ideas on not to make her flake?