Can someone please read this guy?

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  1. Can someone please read this guy?

    I'm new to PUA and I've just realized that maybe one guy was playing games with me. I need your opinion on it.

    We really hit it off right from the start. It was romantic and passionate. We seemed to be truly match made in heaven. Too good to be true. I waited for 2 months until sex because I wanted to make sure he is for real.
    I was in a long term relationship while I was with him. He was in a open relationship sleeping around.
    He told me he doesn't want a relationship. He told me he's into group sex and I was up for it too.
    I was fine with it because I used him as a rebound to break up with my boyfriend.

    We had sex which was good, but kid of awkward because expectations were high because we had great chemistry before. After sex he disappeared on me with some lame excuses, but kept in contact via messenger.

    I started dating around. Since we kept in contact, he told me about the girls he was with, and I told him about the guys.
    I thought he was going to call me to have threesome or something.
    I was looking forward to see him since months went by with no seeing each other.

    Then I caught him in a lie and saw him in the city while he told me he was out of town for months. He tried to approach me in the city, but I was furious and stayed away from him.

    I needed to talk to him honestly and asked him out later. He agreed, but didn't show up on a date. I was mad even more. But he contacted me later and we agreed to meet up again.

    I told him how I feel about him, but he was aloof. He was giving me mixed signals. He accused me of wanting relationship with him. I had enough and left him. Like we had something anyway.

    I contacted him a few times few months later on a friendly basis. He started texting me, but I stop replying because I saw no point.

    It's been a year since no contact. I saw him posting love songs on his social media and complaining how some girl broke his heart, but he's sorry for what he has done and would love to start over. I have no clue is this about me, or it's just a game for any women he's having sex with.

    The things is, I like him. I thought he liked me. Can someone please read his game? Did he want just sex or relationship or what? Is there anything I can do here to get him back? Or do you think he's about to try something? I don't know how to play these games. Did I mess it all up? Any input would be nice. Thanks!

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    This is a very confusing story. Just keep it simple.

    1. If a guy disappears for more than a week, he's not interested.
    2. If a guy bails on a date 2x, he's not interested. (1x ... is ok with a good excuse.)
    3. If a guy lies about really stupid stuff, then he's untrustworthy.

    No idea why you like this guy, you've described nothing attractive about him. if he's hot and you want to bang him, then just tell him "come over we'll have sex".

    Otherwise what are you upset about?? you said you don't want a relationship anyways.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gq1 View Post
    if he's hot and you want to bang him, then just tell him "come over we'll have sex".

    Otherwise what are you upset about??
    That is exactly what I have told him! But he told me doesn't have time for it. Instead he wanted to meet me in the town. Where nothing happened, we just talked.
    But when we met it was obvious there was a lot of attraction between us.
    I'm upset because I can't figure out what does he want?

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    What's obvious to women often isn't obvious to men. Sounds like he's lacking confidence to make moves.

    If you don't say "Let's have sex" then you can't assume he knows you're willing.

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