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    rate my profile

    This pretty much describes me in a nutshell. And I think I have pretty interesting messages, but don't get a whole lot on POF. Everything below this line is my "about me"


    I'm a thousandaire best known for my razor sharp wit, sarcasm, and shocking humor. The best way to predict your future is to create it. I prefer chopsticks over forks, tortillas over bread, and cream in my coffee. I’m lots of fun, but have no time for petty drama and emotional tirades; the last thing I want to do is bring my work home with me.

    I enjoy lifting weights, kayaking, cooking, stand up comedy, fishing, traveling and would eventually like to attempt rock climbing. If you're not interested in having fun we probably won't get along. I'm comfortable in my own skin, trying foods in which I can't pronounce the names, making the first move, and with you being too forward. I recently completed a master’s degree in social work and have been working in the addictions field the past 2 years.

    So you got lucky in the gene pool, I’d be more interested in spending my time with someone capable of intelligent thought, quick wit, sense of humor and optimism...I'm not holding my breath. I'd enjoy conversation that won't later be quoted in a courtroom. Serious people are no fun and should probably be less serious. What I’m looking for is a woman who is active in the gym, shares the joy of being outdoors, enjoys cooking, independent and finds herself as hilarious as I find myself. If I send you a message that seems strange I'm probably bored and messing with you, or maybe I am interested depending on how funny your response is.

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    Ok I'm going to be harsh, sorry in advance. Lucky for you, i'm no expert in profiles so you can feel OK ignoring what I say.


    1. Your pictures confuse me. If I were a girl, I wouldn't know if I'm talking to the kid in shorts, or the old man at the wedding.

    2. Get some recent, accurate, flattering pictures.

    3. Get rid of any pictures involving alcohol, other women, or both.

    4. The boat picture is the right idea but it's very unflattering. You want to actually pose for your hobby pictures unless you're caught doing something legitimately cool looking


    1. Delete the negative stuff (no time for drama, i don't care you're good looking, we won't get along if you xyz, i'm not holding my breath, etc.) that doesn't help anything

    2. "working towards getting licensed" sounds like you're not confident. Stick with "I am getting licensed".

    3. your career is great. Make it its own paragraph.

    4. announcing that you're expecting clever responses to your strange messages can be a turn-off; most people don't like to be brazenly tested.

    5. Better yet- just don't send strange messages. (unless you really ARE testing women, which you should only do if you're overwhelmed with messages)

    6. Talking about chopsticks over forks, cream in coffee, etc. doesn't really matter to women but it can make you sound pretentious. Save your words for things women actually care about.

    7. Give a paragraph to your life's goals. Whatever they are. (no, not your hobbies, not your job, your GOALS.) "i want to make a difference by healing people" "I want to inspire and be inspired by my partner" "The world has so many unique cultures and flavours, I want to experience as many as possible" ... whatever it is, give it some authentic passion.


    1. Publish some search criteria for your mail settings. You want to look discriminating even if you're not


    Good luck!

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