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    New and Need Advice

    To make a long story short:

    I am a 22 year old male who has decent to good looks and and good at flirting, but I am HORRIBLE on opening and approach. Suffice to say, I have low confidence in my skills due to a lack of experience. I have read a couple of books (The Game being one), and i want to do the Challenge in the Rules of the Game...but I don't know if that is an outdated book for the modern world.

    Basically I am looking for somewhere to begin. If the Rules of the Game is still a good starting point then I will start with that, but if there is any advice or anything up to date for the modern world then I would greatly appreciate the guidance!

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    One misconception a lot of guys have when they are starting out is that they need to have some sort of "smooth" opener and follow-up. The reality is if you watch videos of guys who are successful with women approaching there really isn't much to it. Whether you go direct or indirect is up to your preference, but the words aren't as important as you think. You just want to show her that you are a cool, normal guy and let your body language and relaxed vibe do the work for you.

    In terms of lacking confidence due to inexperience.. as a guy who was once in your shoes it's really only a big deal if you make it one. Once you start having success with women you will rack up a lot of experience quickly and those days will be long behind you. Yes you might make some rookie mistakes at first but it's all part of the learning process. Looking back I kind of miss the days when any minor achievement was a big deal in my mind!

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