Can I ask her to unfollow her ex?

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  1. Can I ask her to unfollow her ex?

    Iím worried about my girlfriend and her ex. Theyíre interacting a lot on Twitter and even say ďI miss youĒ to each other. We donít even do that. Iím just wondering if itís okay with her to unfollow her ex or at least tone things down. I donít want to sound controlling or overreacting but it really bothers me a lot. Although, they only met online in some new profiles love search, I still consider their relationship real. They had feelings for each other once, they could have feelings for each other again.

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    Insecurities are usual in a relationship. You have the right to say freely her if something is bothering you. If she really cares about you and likes you the she will definitly unfollow her ex and stop talking to him. Just share your problem with her.


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