I donít love her anymore; how should I tell her?

Two weeks ago, I came to realize that I have fallen out of love with my girlfriend. I met her last year on my Ukraine ski trip. Sheís sweet but very controlling. It was me who had problems to deal with. I got fed up with her having full control over me. She wants me to follow her rules every time. Isnít it bad? I mean, I got a life to live with too. I hate being told of what should I do. She doesnít want me to bond with my friends. She hates my friends. She wants my free time all for herself. Also, she wants me to update her with everything that I do--- EVERYTHING; from taking a shower to eating my meals and whatsoever. Itís sort of annoying, right? I have swallowed her attitude for like five months and I canít do it any longer. Our relationship is very toxic and I canít let myself be drown by this. However, I have been thinking as to how to tell her what I exactly want. Iím afraid she might not understand me. How should I start telling her what I want to happen without making her feel betrayed?