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    This has to be set up properly so you understand how I did this.
    If you haven't read my Intro Bio, you really should. You will see that I have a dress style that I wear. You will also see that everything I wear is custom made, which gives me a very unique GQ look.

    Furthermore, I researched what girls want guys to wear (girly forums, magazines, girl written fantasy porn stories, etc.). My style gives them that, along with the impression that I have a well put together, stable, life.

    So, onto the pull.

    I don't have enough recent photo's of myself. Everything I have is at least 5 years old. I'm thinking of getting a dating app to make up the difference between my time off, and work time. My schedule is crazy with 12-14 hour days, and only two free weekends a month, maybe.

    So, I was out at a park looking to get some photo's of myself doing some of my favorite things. I had a tripod and clip for my phone to connect into. Shot's were okay, but would take heavy editing to crop just right.

    Then I saw this HB10, which is rare in this area. I normally have to travel 3 hours to get one of those. My area has 7's or 8's at best.

    "Excuse me, I could use a little help for second. Would you mind?"
    "Uh, sure. What with?"

    I explained to her I was trying to get some photo's of myself for my profile, and possibly a dating app. This took her by surprise. Opened a huge ongoing conversation as to why I wanted to get a dating app, and her luck with several of them (which was zero).

    "Well, if you help me out. Maybe we could just skip the app, and hang out."
    "Mmmm, maybe. Let's see what kind of photo's we get first. You only wearing one outfit?"

    She was smiling, engaged, and the IOI's couldn't be more obvious. I got her name, Jennifer, she's 22, and she worked as a medical receptionist at a large hospital in the area. I asked her what it took to be a good receptionist, how she decided on that type of work, if it's a career or just a go between. Standard shit, I always ask.

    About 15 minutes in we finally got about four decent photo's. She made several recommendations on the types of photo's I should really have. I made a joke about some topless selfies, and dick pics. Huge laughs and kino escalation on her part.

    Her: "Save those until we have known each other for a while."

    I remember that line verbatim. Then I said I was getting thirsty and invited her join me for coffee or tea. It also hit me at this moment that I never asked if she had plans. She said she did, but nothing important.

    This is when I added in a qualifier. Simple statement that she didn't seem like the kind of girl who would blow off friends for some dude, no matter how cool, she just met. Turns out she was going to go shopping.

    Went to the coffee shop and got an outdoor table. She had an iced-mochachino. Another qualifier that I didn't like iced coffee. She of course validated. She kept asking questions about my dating app choice. I did a run down on the type of girl I was after. This was interesting as she really started to validate.

    This next move is one I use quite often. It's very low key. While at the table she was sitting around the corner from me. I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came back I grabbed my chair and moved it next to her. Sat down and picked up the conversation. Then after about 30 seconds, I took her hand and placed it on my knee.

    Kino escalation. If she wasn't comfortable she would have removed her hand. She was very comfortable as she started rubbing my leg after a few seconds. I just gave her permission to touch.

    Let's jump forward. We were talking about all kinds of shit. I would escalate and pull back, then escalate again. I saw Jenn was leaning in and giving the triangle look. So, I went for the kiss. Damn, she is good. I know I'm good as I studied kissing in-depth. But holy shit, she knows how to kiss.

    We sat there making out for a bit. I could tell this could go further I just needed to figure out the logistics. I knew it was simple, but I hadn't done a full close like this in 25 years.

    I pulled her back to my place with a simple proposition.
    "Would you be willing to help me pick out other outfits for some more photo's?"

    That's all it took. Afterwords I helped her with her shopping and we back to her place. Met her roommates. Saw her room for an extended period of time. Got her facebook page before i headed back.

    I did make it clear that i wasn't looking for anything really serious. Which is cool by her, so far.
    She did text me though. She asked for a dick pic. Told her I would have to get an app that shows me how to get the proper angle.

    There you have it. A full pull I was never expecting to happen.

  2. "I took her hand and placed in on my knee", standard Mystery kino escalation test. You just know what to say and what to do, because you internalised it. So, even after 25 years you just know everything. Have you studied pickup intensively before? For how long?

  3. Yeah I studied it before. It's in my bio.

  4. Great report man - very well written. I can tell you have years of experience at this kind of stuff and it just comes naturally to you at this point. Hopefully we can get more experienced members sharing their field reports!

  5. Nice man. I really like your physical escalation, very smooth. I also liked your qualifier about not blowing off friends for some dude. You show her you have standards. You are also helping me because I see that I still have "nice guy syndrome." The dick pick comment is funny and I think most women would find it funny. You were also talking about impact statements in previous posts. That fading syndrome still haunts me sometimes and keeps me from applying some techniques. Getting better though. Great post.

  6. Did you fck her? Cant really tell.

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