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    Knighted Intro Bio

    Okay so here goes a little about me.

    First off I'm in my mid to late 40's. I got into this back when this was nothing more a bulletin board/newsgroup thing. Yeah, way before this new internet thing. We are talking Compuserve dial up days.

    I stationed in Southern California and would drive up to L.A. on the weekends to meet up with other PUA's to learn what had taken place, go over new discoveries, and hit the clubs. After being in it for about 3 years I met a girl in San Diego, and got married.

    I was married for about 25 years until she decided to call it quits. I didn't do anything, she just wanted to move on. So, here I am.

    I never really lost what I learned. I just applied it differently. How to deal with AMOG's comes in useful at work. Being able to overcome shit tests helps when trying to get things done with a stubborn manager. Comfort building works with people who are dealing with fear. Handling logistics of difficult situations. You get the idea. What I learned was able to be applied in almost every situation I encountered in everyday life.

    I posted about this before in another thread. But, I will post it here again.
    After the ex filed the paperwork, I completely redid my entire wardrobe. I tossed all the old clothes, and bought all new outfits. Custom everything. Shirts, sport coats, jeans, chino's, Polo shirts, ties, suits, t-shirts, etc. Everything is custom made. I even ordered custom made cologne. You may be thinking that all of that was highly expensive, it's not. You just have to search around.
    I went deep into studying how to build a style that fits me. Not a fashion, but a style. I looked into what colors matched my skin tone, hair cuts that matched my face shape and hair type. Products that work on my skin type and reduce the look of my age (I pass for mid 30's now).

    Now, I literally cannot leave the house without looking my very best. I have no choice because all of my clothes match. I have nothing else to wear. Well, except one outfit that I kept for lawn work.

    So, I'm back in the game to learn about the changes that have taken place. New discoveries and advancements like the apps, and text, social media that didn't exist when I was first in.

    I'll post up when I have something that I think is worth posting.

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    Doesn't seem to be much going on the Love Systems forums these days. I don't even get news letters any more or up coming events.


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