Did I just get scammed?

I was walking to the mall with a friend earlier last week. Two professional-looking individuals approached us and introduced themselves as travel insurance brokers. They legit had IDs with them. They asked if we owned credit cards and from which banks. We answered their questions honestly. They said that they need us to fill out two coupons with our name and card details to get a chance to win free tour to the Bahamas.

What’s there to lose, right? We wrote down the details on the coupon and dropped it on the box they were carrying around too. They said they’ll contact us soon. After the encounter, we told our other friends about it and they said that there’s a scam going around with the same M.O. as those “travel insurance brokers.” Did I just get scammed? Can they use the details I gave? It had the card number and expiry but not the CV.