Marshall's Pickup Attempt

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    Marshall's Pickup Attempt

    Improved my appearance today. And I did a situational/humor opener. Here's how it went.

    Saw a cute girl shopping for Bday cards. I told her thank you and how did she know it was my birthday. She laughed and picked out a card for me. I read it with a cheezy voice and she laughed. Went on for a little bit longer about cards.
    Stacked to the next topic about who/what she was shopping for. It was her sister's 4th of July bday party. Went on about how I hoped she had a designated driver, and she said definitely. We went on about a bit about parties with beer and wine.
    I started to walk away saying I needed to leave. As I left, I said how cute and tall she was and that she must have been a Ballerina at some point. She laughed. I said some other stuff, and I got her name. The conversation ended with a have a great day and have fun at the party.
    This was tough. She didn't invest much in the conversation and her body was never facing me the whole time, even though I did get her to laugh. Her body was still facing the cards while talking. I should have at least tried to get her number though just to push a little.

    What do you all think I did wrong?

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    Impact man, impact.

    You have to have emotional impact on the girl. I wasn't there so I'm just going make something up.
    "So, what kind of wedding announcements are we going to get?"

    This gives intent, role play, and what we used to call 'future projection.'

    Your not doing bad. At least your trying, and stretching your boundaries. Nothing is going to work 100% of the time. You're at least making progress.

    I'm assuming this lasted about 3 minutes.
    What I'm seeing as missing is a complement towards her. Something small, like her jewelry matching. How her shoes matched her shirt. Some type of observation that shows you noticed she spent some time on her looks.
    Ask about her sister. How old was she? Was it a small get together, or huge celebration? You find it really cool she would take time out to get her a card.

    You don't want to make the whole interaction just about her. You have to take everything into account - logistics.

    Those few points probably would have gotten her to invest a little more. Then you would have been able to push a little harder and gotten a number pull.

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